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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Toddler Ten

Trying a little something new and switching things up a bit.  
Usually you will find me blogging after we have done a project.
Instead I thought I would share 10 activities I am planning for 
the little {and big} crew this week and a supply list {at the end} 
of all common inexpensive items, many you have at home already.  

Sound good?

As always we will put our own little twist and spin on things so I will share
the outcomes too, not for every activity, but just some updates.
I would love to hear from you made this activities work for your crew.
Of course any activities we dream up, well I will share those after as usual.

{All activities are sourced below the photos, recipes included there.}

These are all easy to try and guaranteed fun.
Many are great for preschoolers and older children too,
as they can be adapted with different questions, levels of difficulty, etc.

Ready? So here we go, The Toddler Ten for this week...

: airplane simulation : 
If all goes as planned, we will be heading on a plane in a couple months with the boys
and just the two {of us} parental units.  We hope this will help when the actual day arrives!
This one can be moved outdoors too along with real airplane spotting.

: bookworm club :
Incredibly clever concept and fun way to continue summer reading lists.
This one is great for older children too of course.  

: salt dough olympic medals : 
These will be so fun to make and easy, salt, flour, glitter, paint and embellishments.

: puffy paint :  
Simple recipe and great for outdoors too.

:  fruit pizzas :  
Made by generations all across America {because who else could get away with 
marshmallow fluff in a recipe for pizza?}, 
a great summertime food to make with the little ones.    

We also plan to try and make a "healthier" version.  I came
across this great recipe from Weelicious using honey as the sweetener instead.

: peanut butter & banana sushi :
I ate loads of peanut butter and banana as a kid and this presentation
is super cute, you could also use nutella or a tortilla instead,
but my boys will probably like this version best.

:  water balloon target practice :  
Exactly as it sounds, awesome idea.

: firefly jar : 
We have tried to catch one firefly this summer to no avail.  
This is a cute alternative with no explanation needed the following morning.
I love pairing any firefly capturing with Eric Carle's The Very Lonely Firefly.

: noodle fun : 
This summer has been all about balloons and making up games,
this one will be a hit for sure.  
: lava lamps : 
While little ones will not understand the science behind it, 
they will think it's really cool and that sparks curiosity in science.  

This one from Little Luna {love her site!} has a fantastic picture
and great instructions.  

{supply list}  

cardstock {for bookclub printables}
construction paper
paints to make gold, silver, bronze colors 
number stamp or magnetic/wooden numbers
plastic squeeze bottles
black sharpie
glow paint + brush

gummy worms
food coloring
wheat bread
peanut butter
sugar cookie dough 
cream cheese
marshmallow fluff
assorted fruit
vegetable oil

around the house: 
filled water balloons
sidewalk chalk
empty jars
laundry baskets
pool noodles
alka seltzer tablets
sturdy empty water bottles

So, what do you think?  Will you be trying any of these activities this week?
If you do, I'd love to know!

::  michelle ::

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