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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Challenge: One-Night Makeover

I challenged myself to a one-night makeover, no written plans, no major purchases, 
simply create a space to love being in that is us.  

Yes it is super late and I completed my makeover, high-fiving myself right now and am excited to share! After a trip to the fabric store to finish gathering my supplies for this project {and another to come!}, I got to work around 10pm.  {After a little stargazing session with the hubs and E}.

This corner of our living room has been driving me crazy!  As with all things though here, I choose to work on projects, for the most part, when my boys are sleeping.  I pull a few late nights a month to get caught up and thankfully have a supportive husband...we both try to work on things as we can and have to lean on each other to get the things done we want to as neither of us wants them to take priority over our boys.

Our projects also have to cost pretty much next to nothing.  Just forces me to be more creative!

So I turned on the first HGTV Design Star of this season for some motivation and got to work!  {I had to play it 3 times to get through it between the sewing, ironing, up-the-stairs, down-the-stairs but who's counting?!}.  Here is a before picture {ghastly!}.  I know all crazy shades of yellow that are not cohesive, etc.  The differences are much more noticeable on camera, but still my beloved curtains needed to go.  Earlier in the day I picked up some curtains.  In the past I have always made them, and you'll see that I made sure to add my touch.

                      {before}                                                                                         {after}
My favorite Tarjay find, my special chair, in a knock off of Thomas Paul Aviary fabric.
Would I have loved to reupholster a chair in this fabric{yes}or buy the one I saw at Arhaus? {sign me up!}

Admittedly the Target one was still a major stretch and took lots of planning, and I love it!!!!

Remember my DIY valance post?  
Well my sweet guy made these awhile back and I had just inserted some brown fabric and they never really did the valances justice, but with some new fabric that I adore, I think they look so much better!  I also wanted to highlight the frame wall and will show you the how-to in another post.  My inspiration came from here {it's the sixth frame gallery shown}.  The square frames at the top of my gallery mimic the squares in the valances {nice right?}.  I wanted to point out that feature and thank my awesome husband for taking the valances down and helping me redo the squares, getting them back up again and changing the rod placement inside the valance as the new curtains were shorter than the old, but I still wanted them to look the same!

Next up, I brought a black table back into the room that had been removed to subdue the climbing by some little men {ahem}.  I have an idea of what piece I would like here, but for now the table will do. 
I added in the i love us artwork you can find here, just printed it up and framed it, love it!

Then I added a simple gray ribbon to the window treatments we found earlier.  
I really like how they turned out and the ribbon repeats the striping detail we painted in our room when we first moved in.  

Covering some old books was next, that always adds texture and interest.
Heavy wrapping paper works great, but I found some great paper {would only work for smaller books}and downloaded them{for a small fee} from here.

Seven is our special number, it has always been my favorite {now I know why!}
So I repeated it a few times in a new pillow I made tonight with some grey linen and black and white stripped seersucker fabric.  It was also repeated in the photo wall {a project I completed this past Spring and will do a separate post on}.  I love adding numbers to decorating not just for visual interest but for their meaning.
I also repeated the pattern from the valance into a frame within the wall gallery to tie everything together.

Steam-A-Seam 2 will always be my friend, I use it for the appliques on my capes and here for the seven applique on this special pillow.  You lightly iron it on and it will hold the fabric in place {one side sticks to the fabric applique, the other side sticks to the fabric you are sewing on to}.  Use a simple zig-zag stitch and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this overnight makeover!  Once again...



 Much lighter, brighter, more cohesive and refreshing, don't you think?!  I love my little nook!  

Now I am off to B-E-D!!!

Our paint colors are Ralph Lauren Mercer (wall) and Ralph Lauren Composed (striping detail).  

{next day}I ended up not finishing a ruffle pillow I had planned, so I made that today, literally 20 minutes tops, you can find the tutorial here.  Then I thought the seven pillow and the ruffle pillow were too matchy-matchy, so I redid the seven pillow in the original yellow striped fabric I had planned.  I love the combination now!

I promise the stripes are straight, it's just the picture taker who is crooked! {smile}.

Phew, I think I am officially done!  {except for a few accessories...hmmmm}  

Well, what do you think?!

I will be linking up to these lovely parties throughout the week!


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  1. I think it looks super! I'm a huge fan of the grey and yellow together and the sweet little touches that reflect your personality and your family are so fun. Nice job!

  2. It turned out great! I love the grey ribbon on the curtain. And I'm also a late night crafter who enjoys catching up on designy reality TV. :) So glad to have found your cute blog!

  3. What a great job! Yellow & gray is one of my favorite color combinations!

  4. you sound like me....up into the wee hours to get projects done.

    it turned out great!!

    p.s. the "i love us" print is my all time favorite too!


  5. Very cute... love the yellow and gray color combo! Found you on TT&J... love love love.


  6. Wow! You did this all in one night? You are amazing! I love the variety and texture.

  7. I just love the grey and yellow together! Target chair is fab, but you really made it wonderful with your custom pillows. I love your eye for detail ... great job! jules

  8. Beautiful!!! Can't believe what you accomplished in an evening!

  9. So beautiful--love the gray & yellow combination. I love both pillows! Thanks for sharing at {Primp}

  10. Love the makeover and that chair. Targay is one of my favorite places to shop for inexpensive and quality finds! Love what you did.

  11. This is amazing! Beautiful it..totally! Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  12. A Beautiful makeover!!!

    Come link up at my woot woot wednesday Party!

  13. How pretty. Love these colors & the changes you made. Thanks so much for linking it up to Fab Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle

  14. What a cute room! Love the ruffle on the pillow. Well done!

  15. Hi Michelle!
    So glad you stopped by and shared this great post at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  16. These pillows look awesome. It's amazing what a difference a couple pillows can make in the whole feel of the room!

    I found you through The CSI Project and I'm your newest follower. Come check me out and follow back, too, if you're interested @ Carissa's Creativity Space

  17. Love this! So cute!


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