Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Party Inspiration Board No. 3 - Vintage Wheels


I know the suspense has been building!
Now to reveal the boys'
2nd birthday party theme...

{celebrating our boys' love of anything with wheels}

I admit this one took a bit. 
I wanted to again personalize the party
for each of my boys,
but also have it all tie in together,
while I can get away with it.  

The textures and materials
I will be mixing in are...

wood, metal, burlap, chalkboard, and kraft paper

Aside from the color of these materials,
I will be adding in navy, aqua, red, and antique white accents.

Take a look at this inspiration board.

It makes me excited!!

Now less than 10 days to pull it off!
{with the actual birthday in that timeframe too, yikes!}

2.   Cupcake Pushpops, I Love SugarBabys
3.   Vintage Train Cases, ETSY
4.   Personalized Labels and Funnels, purchased from Andrea's lovely shop, The Green Grass Grows
5.   Burlap
6.   Cake Bunting, Kara's Party Ideas
7.   Dining Car, Google Images
8.   Mini Donuts, via Pinterest
9.   Milk Bottles and Stripey Straws, Polka Dot Market
10. Stamped Kraft Bags, Poppies for Grace
11. DIY tiered serving stands, via Mary Janes and Galoshes
13. Personalized Labels and Funnels, purchased from Andrea's lovely shop, The Green Grass Grows
14. Chalkboard in Vintage Frame, The Found Blog
15. Autobahn Tape & Car, Sleek Identity
16. Mason Jar Lights, via Pinterest

Off to go work on a few more projects!
More to share soon!  

If these boards inspire you,
please source with this link
{thank you kindly!}


Party Inspiration Board No.2 - A Girl and Her Frog

Ready for more celebration eye-candy?!

I was honored when  Jamie at The Letter 4 
contacted me about creating an inspiration board for her 
daughter, Sabrina's, 1st birthday!!!

First, I think the lovely sisters at The Letter 4
have approached their blog
in such a unique, fresh, and smart way!!
When I first happened upon it, I just loved it!!!
They just have it!

I was also excited to work on a
birthday party for a 

Jamie answered some questions for me, 
and explained that Muppets was the underlying theme and
Sabrina was just
in love
with her Kermit. 

It got me to thinking about the concept...
a girl and her frog.

Fun right?!

I could just picture a silhouette of a
girl and a little frog next to her.

So sweet.

We all remember that one
first stuffed animal friend our little one
took everywhere.  

This is such a special way to give
a nod to that and include more whimsy, girly details,
and some Muppets fun.  

Take a look the inspiration board I compiled...

{a girl and her frog}

1. I Love You A Bushel and A Peck Sign {for the all-things-strawberry bar}
2. Pinwheels, via Pinterest
3. Puppet theater, Cool Spaces for Kids, ETSY
4. Just released {perfect!}, Muppets Green Album
5. Cupcake pushpops, One Charming Party
6. Kermit + hearts photo, flickr {heart garland and these wax hearts also ideas to recreate a Kermit  love moment}
7. The awesome invites Jamie created!
8. Bunting, Ravenhill, ETSY
9. {could not find source, Kermit craft}
10. painted pink frame, ETSY
11. Gorgeous Pink Gradient Cake, Call Me Cupcake
12. Tutu, my friend Holly at Heart Break Kids
13. Gum Heart, from Dylan Lauren's of  Dylan's Candy Bar engagement party {genius idea!}
16. Green oval ornate frame, ETSY {one like this would be perfect for girl and her frog silhouette}

 Jamie shared her puppet theater at Someday Crafts
earlier this week,
and included a picture of Miss Sabrina,
in her little theater
She did an awesome job!!  

I will be sharing more projects
from Sabrina's party,
and am so enjoying working with Jamie!!

Up next, the boys' party theme revealed!!

I truly believe it's easy to throw an amazing, lavish bash
when money is no object.
On a tight budget like we both are,
you can still do it
with thoughtful planning and research.
{The reason I started Little Marvels Designs}

More birthday fun to come!!

If these boards inspire you,
please source with this link
{thank you kindly!}


A Bounty of Bunting!

I {heart} bunting!
I know it's not a new idea,
but I tried to put a few twists on it.

I also love how you can make it for practically nothing at all.  

Sharing a few bunting ideas
for the No. 2 celebration!  

Burlap Bunting

I made my stencils out of paper,
no fancy machines 
but I really like how the 
different shades of burplap
and black turned out!

{my homemade stencils}

Paper Bunting

This was made from images
of old steam engines and trains,
 that I found online
sized appropriately, printed out,
and then glued onto some jute twine.
I added some #2s throughout
to tie it all together.

{the very cool train images}

Fabric Bunting

Probably the most traditional,
but these fabrics just called 
out to me on a recent trip to 
the fabric store,
they will help tie the theme together.  

{the perfect fabric!, do you hear them saying my name?!}

Can't wait to show you,
how they'll look 
with everything pulled together!

 Linking up to these fabulous parties!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Monday, August 29, 2011

No.2 T-Shirts for 4 Please! {Tutorial}

I love applique shirts,
ok applique anything.

I bet you couldn't tell!
{no you say?}

My favorite kids clothing comes from
Mini Boden

However, 4 Mini Boden shirts
at $24 a pop is not  in my budget,
even with their current
buy 3 get 1 free sale.

So, what's a mama to do?

Yes, make her own.
Exactly what I told myself last year
that I would not do this year
because planning a party for FOUR turning 2
is plenty in and of itself.

Oh well, I jumped ship!

Here is how they turned out.
I love them!
Especially because I figured out a way
to incorporate the darn pocket in to the design.

I added 4 little flags over the pocket,
you got it to symbolize the FOUR turning 2!

The shirts were $5.00 on the Target clearance rack.
I wasn't sure about the pocket,
but found a way to work it in,
and the colors were right on with
the whole theme
{which will be revealed soon!}

For this project you will also need:

coordinating yarn
yarn darning needle
heat n' bond or steam a seam 2
and your applique template
{here the number 2}

My supplies are ready to go.

I then cut out the 2 from my felt.  
Followed the Heat N' Bond instructions.

Since I wasn't going to be stitching around the edges
I used Heat N' Bond,
it was a little tough to get the needle through,
but the applique is set for the long haul.  

First adhering the heat n' bond 
to my felt.

and then to the shirt. 
I was cautious of my iron temperature with the felt.  

Next my supplies for 
outlining the 2 with yarn
and tying the bunting together.

Finally I threaded my yarn through the needle
and without creating a loop tied knotted one
end and left some excess to hang through the needle.

I then stitched through all of the 2's and flag bunting.
It just added that finishing detail
to make these shirts extra sweet
for the birthday boys!!

As always, please feel free to
comment or email me if you have
any questions on the tutorial.

I made 4 shirts for the price
of 1 Mini Boden shirt!

Now we can have some cake and presents!

Stick around because I will be sharing
all things party-prep and many more
projects this week!!

Time to get your party on!

I will be linking up this project {and more} to
these  Lovely Parties, stop on by!



Party Week, Project 1!

Good Monday morning to you all!


Well, sure ok, if you insist,
let's celebrate!!!

It's Party Week here at Our Wonderfilled Life!!

Every day this week I will be sharing a project
from the boys' upcoming second birthday preparation with you.

Fun right?!

It's a little daunting to throw a party for 
4 boys at the same time.  

I am game for the challenge and
super excited about the theme!

I will be sharing a few tutorials,
party inspiration boards,
one for the boys and one for
my sweet blogging friend Jamie at 
{her daughter's first birthday is coming up}.

So many new fun projects. 
I hope they give you some fresh ideas!!

Up first, these number 2 shirts.
I will be sharing a tutorial
and more details later today.

I love how they turned out!
Even more, I love that they
were about 6 bucks a piece!!

Get ready for a week filled with fun!!



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our {Wonderfilled} Week 4

I am not a perfect mom.
Not that anyone thought I was {grin}.
In fact I fail at it often.

Lose my patience,
get distracted from the important moments,
allow myself to be pulled into the what-does-not-matter.

This week was especially difficult.
On the verge of the school year starting,
E was told by a friend that someone
said our family was bad.

I think it's the first time it happens to your child
that it hurts the most.

My sweet boy was sad about it, but
said I'm going to stand up for myself!
Then asked what it meant to do so.

Exactly what aches the most,
innocence lost.

I know, get over it {yes!}
but that's what has always upset me,
the untruth.  

My anger lasted a few days,
I tried hard, prayed hard to fight it.

We as a family are fine of course.
We count our blessings,
in fact I am about to add a few more to the list.

In reality,
I don't care if it affects me.
If it affects my kids,
this mama bear will rise up.

I realize this is just a drop in the bucket.
People will say whatever they want.

I am not about to give the negativity any more air time.

So what can I do for my boys?

I pray for their protection.
I pray for their self-confidence to be rock-solid.
I teach them they are not of this world,
so it's going to be tough sometimes.

As moms we need to find words
that bring peace to our souls
in the midst of all we manage.

I surely don't have to share that list with you.,
but I would like to share two reads that have helped me
so much this week.  Maybe they'll help you too.

Sarah Young's Jesus Calling, I have only had it for 3 days and I crave reading
it each day, so appropriate.

 These relevant, wise, and achingly true words from Ann Voskamp.

I can struggle with focusing on the one bad thing,
instead of the overwhelming good things
like these...

128. always having a hand to hold
and a hug to give

129.  empathy running through our veins

130. friends who will do anything for you

131. end of summer day walks

132. morning chaos and routine
{the hardest for me, but still grateful for both chaos and routine}

133. a little boy who LOVES school

134. being able to physically care for my children

135. grace times a trillion

136. a man who gets that what I need most
is for him to just understand.

137. humility

138. a son saying funny! instead of laughing,
he gets humor!

139. introducing Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald
into my oldest boy's world and having him
get why I get teary-eyed...he gets that music moves.

140. this song, this song, and this one too.

141.  love amplified

Tomorrow, I will be linking up to....

Wishing you a week full of your mother*wonder.  



Friday, August 26, 2011

Band of Brothers

This could not be more true!

Ever since the little boys were born
I wondered what it would be like when 
they interacted with one another.
When they started to realize..hmm...
these other kids are here all day too,
wonder what that's about?!

Today it changed.
They have babbled to one another.
A word here, an answer there, another word.

They talk a lot to the non-quad contingency (i.e. Mom, Dad, E)

Today a few full out sentences to one another.

They are having conversations!!
It is sooooo cool!!

Here is the definition
from the dictionary of all things boy...

Conversation - n. shared random thoughts responded to by your brother,
who then shares his random thoughts.
You may not get the answer you were expecting.
Regardless, you are expected to respond.
If you don't the thought may be repeated...repeated...repeated.

{after a rare errand out solo with mom}
Aiden - Griffin, you go shoppin'?
Beckham - He go shoppin'!!!!
Griffin - Yes, which sweetly sounds like Yeth.
Liam - Griffin you shoes on? Me shoes on.
Then all chanting, Shoes on! Want shoes on!

{during naptime I had to run E to his doctor appt.}
Aiden - should be sleeping, Mom, you comin' get me?
Liam - Mama go bye-bye.
Aiden - Auntie Bridget was here, Bridge you comin' get me?
{smart cookies}

People would always remark,
just wait for the day they play together,
talk to one another.
I seriously could not imagine it happening.
Likely, consumed by the here and now.

You mean one day they will answer each other?
Could it be true?!

Most days it all seems so completely normal to me.
Today I had a moment too,
realizing again how completely
unique and awesome their bond is.

Happy Saturday to you all!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giveaway: The Belle and The Beau

Happy Friday to you all!

As fall approaches, so will
school pictures, weddings,
holiday photos, and so much more!

Would you like to add a super cute 
tie to the ensemble?...

Like my little men did below for their
Spring Photo Session
{thank you to elle mi photography 
for the use of these photos here}

I was searching high-and-low for fun and cute 
coordinating ties that were boy-friendly and
wouldn't break the bank. 

Then I found Amy from

Their ties are washable, velcro release, and
so many of the styles coordinate together. 
I was able to find ties for all 5 of my boys!!  

The fabric selection is AMAZING!!
Not only does she have ties for beaus,
but gorgeous accessories for the belles too
and their Dads!!  

Amy is offering you....

A tie or bowtie of your choice!!

Take a look at these possibilities!!  

I am keeping this giveaway process simple!

To enter, please do both...

Comment on this post and Follow Our Wonderfilled Life
{so I can  tell you if you win!}
 Like the The Belle and The Beau on Facebook
and mention your favorite item from their shop.    

That's it, easy peasy!!  

This giveaway will be open until midnight
next Friday, September 3rd. 

{good luck!}

Where to find us today...

I submitted one of my favorite photos
to a challenge about 4 and what it means to you.

And it WON!!!

Doing the happy dance!!!

You can see more at 

I know you'll love their blog, sisterhood, ideas, photos all of it as much as I do!



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The End and The Beginning...

There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation. 
Then school comes just along to end it.
So the annual problem for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it.

{so sorry if this is now on a continuous loop in  your brain!}

This summer we crossed over to 
the awesomeness of these two dudes...

I rolled my eyes, I protested, and then I sat down to watch
and I like them, maybe not the most educational, 
but for E sometimes he could use a break from
Morgan Freeman's narration of Through the Wormhole

It could be worse, we went straight past the  
Sponge Bob Squarepants phase, 
so I cannot complain. 

We lived it up just like our Tri-State Area pals suggested.  
With a trip for just E and I to Legoland last week.
{thanks to our buy one adult, get child free coupon}.

We finished up at Rainforest Cafe
and ordered just the VOLCANO,
in all its ooey, gooey glory!  
{E loved the dynamite on top}.

Then as a family out at our town's festival. 
{E always wants to go on the ride before he even knows what it does.}
The boys just loved watching everything, so much to take in.  

And then REALITY.

E stared first grade today.  

His bros missed him, 
 {especially the lazy summer after naptime snuggles}

{don't love the sofa, but love that it fits all of our boys!}

and making him do ring-around-the-rosy for the 150th time...

They really just got to be brothers this summer.
The "babies" were finally old enough to be funny, 
silly, and so enjoyed by their big brother.
Of course he eats up how much of a rockstar they think he is!!!

I missed him so much too.  
While I love that he loves school,
that he has always been so social and so excited about life,
it's just the where has the time gone?!
The pit in my stomache started over the weekend.
We'll adjust, and it will be great.
I just had to get my cry out once I got home...phew!

Here is today in photos...

First time making lunch, 
nothing too fancy, 
stuck to the favorites.

First time notes...

Garnet Hill $9 backpack and $4 lunch bag
{last year's clearance, saweet!}

Brown-nosing, err...teacher gift.
{cup, lemonade packets, lemonade mix Mike-n-Ikes, and cute printable}

Yearly photo
{in which E is always squinting because of the sun}

mr. handsome

So excited to be in her class!!
{she very sweetly posed for pics}

Of course he was checking out
the scene around him still.  

He walked into school so happy.
Talking with friends.
Waving..we always joke he's running for office.
He makes it easy on me.  

We ended the day with pizza, ice cream, 
and a nice long walk as a family
{summer doesn't get any sweeter}.  

I pray all good things in this school year for my awesome first born!!!

I also will get back to Our {Wonderfilled} Week next week, 
and will be sharing a giveaway with you this Friday!!
Let's just say it'll be something that will come in handy
for upcoming school pictures I'm sure!

{back-to-school printables via the lovely eighteen25 ladies
and  lemonade printable via this great spot.}

Until soon!
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