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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Playroom and New Project

I thought I would share the little boys' playroom
with you just because I love it so and it has a special story.

Originally, it was a very DIY project that Matt and I took on
to surprise E on Christmas.  
He was 18-months old, we had moved in a few months
earlier and I had been working on a playroom design.

We have yet to finish our Master Bedroom,
but playroom is priority!

He loved it, his friends that came over loved it.
We were a little sad he was outgrowing it
and there would be 
no other little ones to 
create, grow, learn, and laugh in that space.

Little did we know...

So now it gets so much use. 
While we'd love to move it into the basement, 
because we seriously clean it up
{thank God for Matt}
every night and I pick-up a few times throughout the day.
The space is part of a great room that connects to the kitchen/dining area.  
It is really wonderful.
I have no doubt my boys have grown so much 
because of all of our time spent in there.

My philosophy is that we don't have to be slobs, 
even with 5 boys, 
but who cares if people see toys,
I have kids living here.
{why does that sound like I'm trying to rap? I promise I'm not!}

Someday I know I will wish
for the days of tripping over trucks and trains.
{It's good to remind myself of that!}

I'll apologize for the weird photo lighting now.
I took these pics tonight, and that room gets so much natural light
but not at the hour I took the pics {grin}.

Here she is...
yep the playroom is a girl, 
same as pretty much every
inanimate object and space in this home {ha!}

{sign: No Girls Allowed by Order of Management, how long do you think that'll last?!}

Projects: Chalkboard, Dry-Erase boards, mounted and framed.
Felt board created and framed.

Still love the lighting fixture, Pottery Barn Kids,
the colors, green, orange and navy blue,
{yes there are fancier names on the paint cans downstairs}.

My absolute favorite fixtures are the bookshelves from Target.

There are times that call for 4 of everything...
ball poppers, Radio Flyer Scoot n' Zoom, Green Toys dump trucks
{it's called keeping the peace!}

The other would be the NILO train table,
these boys love trains!

My favorite thing in the room is the artwork from
my boys {sweet}.
E's hangs on a pulley and cord, easy to change out
with all the new stuff he creates.
The boys first finger paintings are framed.

I am big into researching new toys
so this room is filled with favorites!

Loving the new book sling project I created in
about 30 minutes tonight.
The boys love when we add/change things in the playroom.
While it holds only a fraction of our books,
they are so easy to get to and to change out.

I used some really fun fabric,
and as always if I didn't create the tutorial I source it...
Step-by-Step fabulous instructions.
Book Sling Tutorial

Teaching ABCs?
This wall is awesome.
I am starting it up with the little guys,
reincarnated from big bro.
Pictures from our daily life
in magnetic photo frames by letter {foam stickers},
attached to magnetic strips from The Container Store.
{fun and easy!}.
E loved being out and finding things to put on
our letter wall.
Can't wait to fill it up with
more pictures of great finds by the little guys.

Our boys love pretend play and can be found
wearing hats from daybreak to sunset.
So I keep a variety out on these hooks,
along with their smocks, aprons, etc.

Here's silly man Griffin sporting the smock-pirate combo
{which somehow looks more like a bull fighter now? hmm...}
while E was running "day camp" {his quote}.

Finally, our favorite playroom resident...
Bubbles 3.0

Next time I'll show you Ethan's playroom!
Yes, his very own
{until we separate the 4 lil' bros into 2 rooms}
and it's super fun!

Now get your PLAY on!
Happy Friday!


This week I will be linking up the playroom and my ABC wall to
these lovely parties!!


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  1. Wow! I love it. It is fantastic and makes me want to go play! :)

  2. The ABC wall is genius! Seriously, the whole room is some awesome pre-school that I want to spend all day in. What a great space you have created for the boys.

  3.! I love every detail! Is Bubbles 3.0 real?? {I'm assuming so since he's 3.0 and all.} And if so, what kind of fish bowl is that? Super-cool!

  4. Jenna, he is very real, although I have to tap the glass every once in awhile to make sure ;) It's a wall-mounted acrylic fishbowl. I found it about 5 years ago online, but I have seen them at most pet stores. We've only had beta fish and this tank is great for them, super easy to clean and maintain and we love that it just hangs on the wall!

  5. Your playroom is perfect. Really. Wow. I pinned you so I don't forget this post. We have a small 2 bedroom home with 2 boys under 4, and I dream of having a playroom...

    Love that fishbowl!

    now, back to the laundry...

    :) thanks for sharing.

  6. GREAT playroom! I love how colorful and vibrant it is. What a nice space. I thought I had my hands full with my little ones (they are 3, 2, and 1) but I think you may actually have it a bit busier than me! :)

  7. WOW! Such an amazing space for your kiddos! I love it!

  8. So stinkin' adorble! I love the no girls allowed sign. I bet it gets ripped down at some point too.

  9. ohmygoodness! such an adorable space you've created for your boys to play and grow in. i tell ya, you are one awesome mom!!

  10. Would you mind sharing the name of the bookcases you purchased at Target? Those are exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so very much. Your playroom is amazing!!

  11. Thanks so much Mel!! This was about 5 years ago, so I am sure styles have changed. I'll have to take a look next time I go for something comparable. The Billy bookcases from IKEA could also work. At the time it was Target's line of kids furniture, on sale the smaller bookcases were around $60, which we put in the middle and the larger bookcases flanking the ends were around $80. We secured them to the wall. If the bookcases come with feet which can be hard on carpet, you can just cut them off. Thanks for asking though, makes me want to take a trip on over to Tarjay!!! ;)

  12. Hello, i love your playroom space. Especially the the little gorcery store! Can you tell me where you got it or who makes it? I ♥ it! Thanks

  13. Hello, i love your playroom, especially the little grocery store! Can you tell me where you got it or who makes it? I ♥ it! Thanks

  14. Sure! Our little market is actually from Target, it's about 4-5 years old. I wish they were still making it!!


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