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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ethan's Playroom

I have mentioned Ethan's playroom for awhile now, 
and thought it's about time to share it with you!  
Why do I always take pictures at night in bad light of our playrooms?
Oh yeah, because that is when they are clean and photogenic!!

So, I had a few projects I wanted to finish up in here.
some new throw pillows with more pattern
a valance
curtains {we had just thrown these blinds up for privacy}

Hoping for a trip to IKEA, but not in the plans or budget,
so I am deciding to share it anyway and hold off
on any improvements until after Christmas.

I will soon be putting up a tree in here with
E's Polar Express train circling it, so fun!!

It's a cool space for Ethan.
And yes, we do have 2 playrooms!!

I can show you the ancient television sitting on top of a 
rubbermaid bin in our bedroom. 
Or our bathroom that has yet to see a coat of paint
in the 6 years we have lived here.

Priorities!!  We have to wear these boys out!!

His playroom will {hopefully} move to our unfinished
basement someday, when HGTV surprises us on our doorstep to finish it!
{I won't hold my breath!}

Eventually this room will turn into a bedroom.
Right now the little guys share a room.
Ethan has a room.
This playroom is in our open loft area. 

It serves a couple purposes.
First, it kept four babies out of toys with tiny little pieces.
Second, it gave Ethan a place to escape to either alone
or with friends to just hang out and play. 
Lately, it's been the ground for family Just Dance {Wii} time
before bed.  These boys can shake their booties!!

All of the chalkboard bins came from the downstairs playroom,
and were originally from Target.

The sofa and Billy bookshelves are from IKEA.
The foosball/air hockey table was E's Christmas gift 2 years ago.
This space was put together over time.  

The fun print above the television is E's very own
movie poster.  It's from his 5th birthday movie-themed party.
From the mom and dad team that brought you "Ethan,"
comes the highly-anticipated action packed sequel...
Ethan Turns Five!
His brothers are all listed within the credits.
It's super cute.  You can make one here

A vintage-looking checkerboard from the Easter bunny,
ready for a pickup game anytime.

Bowling pins from our past Strike Out Cancer events.

A few books that were mine and legos that were Matts
added to E's growing collection.
He keeps the majority of his books in his room.  

Tonight we cleaned it all up and he valiantly passed along
some of his old toys to his brothers.  
Getting ready for some new Christmas loot!

For now, I am just happy he has a space to hang out and call his own
{that is when we aren't all invading it because we love hanging there too!}.

Tell me, how important is a playroom in your home?
What's on your playroom wish list?



  1. I love your playrooms! We have very limited space here We were trying to move but couldn't sell our house, so we ended up finishing half our basement and it's their playroom which is so nice because even though toys do end up upstairs they at least aren't overtaking our living room and dining room anymore which was making me crazy

  2. I love this!! Especially the movies poster. Thanks for the link.

  3. I love it! I also have FIVE boys, and I know our playroom would never be that clean! :)

    I look forward to following your adventures with your little men! Isn't being the only girl the BEST?!



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