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Friday, October 21, 2011

1. Give Thanks, 2. Prayerfully Ask

With a gratitude-focused month ahead, I wanted to have something for us to use as a family for our prayer requests.  Instead of just asking God, I wanted to make sure we thank him first for the good things that have come our way.  It may just help us see too how our prayers have been answered in ways other than we intended or asked for them to be.  I would cherish my boys understanding that in and of itself.

{give thanks and pray jars}

For the give thanks and pray jars I used...
2 large mason jars,
pretty tags and letter stamps,
striped yarn,
leftover fabric,
 strips of paper, 
and a burlap flower I made using this tutorial  

Of course you could embellish the jars however you'd like.

I am going to challenge us to use them throughout next month. 
We often cannot eat together or have prayer time together as a family, but we can still pray for one another and live in gratitude for the many prayers that have been answered on our behalf.

{loved this saying from pinterest}

If you have any ideas for creating an atmosphere of gratitude in your home, 
especially during this upcoming thankful time of year, I'd love to hear them!!!

Happy Friday all!!!


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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