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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Plum Street Studios ♥LOVE♥ Print!!

Have I told you lately that I love you?!
Well I do.
Here's the proof.

My friends Shannon and Lori at Plum Street Prints 
are giving away a free LOVE themed print to 
one of my lovely followers.

This print is print-your-own, so upon winning
the file will be sent and voila you can hang it in your home
instantaneously!  Or give it as a gift.  
Whatever your little heart desires! 

Here are a few of your options...

I adore this one.

this one too!

and this one is the sweetest.

You can take a peek at the rest of the Love Prints here
and the different color options,
so you'll have it all decided when you win! {grin}

To enter, simply follow 
Our Wonder*filled Life 
via Google Friend Connect
{upper left corner of blog, where it says join this site}

You have to follow via GFC to win.  

another chance...
 Like Plum Street Prints on Facebook.

and another...
If you had to sing a song right here and now, 
with the word love in it, what would it be?

Make sure to leave a comment after each action!

This LOVEly giveaway will be open until midnight Sunday, September 5th.
Monday morning I will announce our winner!

Good luck!!

A Little Housekeeping

Last weekend, this little man, my all-boy with a sweet center Beckham,
had his EEG.  We had to keep it on his perfectly round head for 48 hours.
He was a champ, seriously it would have made me crazy to 
have all those wires on my head and not be able to wash my hair,
I digress, he was AWESOME.

When we got into the place to hook everything up
of course the tech says to me, "the last boy didn't all."
OK, no pressure.
Beck cried, heck I was ready to cry.  

We stopped for shakes on the way home.  
E came with me to help distract him in the backseat,
and we may have stopped for chocolate too at our favorite place.
At that point I would have pulled the moon down right out of the sky for him.

Here he is all hopped up on sugar!

Long story short, he develops croup during the test.
I was awake hearing his breathing change,
as when I laid him down I realized there is a long cord that has
to be plugged in and no way to make sure it doesn't wrap around him.

So,  yes, croup, running him to pediatrician as soon as they opened,
running in and out for meds, of course everyone in the store thought
he had a head injury...the glares were super fun to manage {not!}.
Everyone else ended up sick and so well there is more to the story,
but all that matters is he did it, so now we await the results.
So, so very proud of him!!!!

In the meantime, this little series had to take a backseat.
While I will be sharing some inspiration with you,
I just did not want to throw out a bunch of Pinterest pictures.
I have your questions, some helpful ideas, and 
even a guest dropping in so if you'll be patient with me
I will share some great things this month
 {thank you for your patience!}

I also have three giveaways this month, 
and am about to give you all the details so stay tuned!

Until soon,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

14 Days of Love Party ♥ Lil' {Mustached} Men Valentines Holder

So I hope this nice little Sunday is starting out cozy and full of love for you!!
If you're new here, hello!  I have lots to tell you about, so sit back and visit with us{smile}.

I am excited to be next up in the 14 Days of Love Series hosted by Ashley at Cherished Bliss!
It's surreal and fun for me to be among these fine blogging women!

Today I am coming at you with something I know a little bit about,
making the
mushy, gushy, lovey, dovey, full of hearts + flowers holiday,
into something 
cool + fun for the little guys!!
Those of you who have stuck with me awhile know
that's what I love to do right?!

Lil' {Mustached} Men Valentine Holders

Oooh they make me happy!
They would make a great classroom project too!!

What I like about this project is that the little ones can help
and there is no right or wrong answer, embellish away!!
quart {tall} or pint {short} milk containers
kraft paper
black fine tip sharpie

1. Cut bottom of carton open on three sides.  Wash and dry thoroughly.
2. Tape shut.  {When ready to take out the valentines just cut through the tape and open!}
3 - 4.Wrap sides of carton {not top or bottom} in kraft paper around and secure.
5. Make a little tent to fit the width of the carton top and tape or glue on.
6. Attach mustache to the milk carton {the definition of a true milk mustache!},
we used these from Michaels,
but you could definitely
make your own too out of cardstock or felt.
7. Draw on a cute little face with the black fine-tipped Sharpie.
8. Add a little bowtie or whatever your little heart desires!
9. Cut a slit in the back for Valentines.
10. Watch all the Valentines Love come your way!!!

The smaller container could be filled with small candies such as chocolate coins. 

We made these valentines for Ethan's class
with the same mustaches from Michaels.
Our school does not allow candy, and we're a little over bringing erasers and pencils.
I can just picture the fun they'll have with these!

I {mustache} you to be mine, Valentine.  

These mustached men love dropping in on a party.
Add some milk, cookies, and a few more mustache accents

{these I drew on our chalkboard backdrop from the little boys' second birthday}
for an instant...

Little {Mustached} Men Valentine's Party!!

Thank you for stopping on in and hanging out here today!!
I have loved having you all...friends old and new!  

Tomorrow, the series will continue with Audra from 
 Once A Mom Always a Cook!
So make sure to stop on by and show her some...
Yes, you guessed it!

And if you missed yesterday, you must check out
Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts DIY Chevron Pencil Skirt!

Thank you Ashley from Cherished Bliss for rounding up all of these fabulous ladies.
So fantastic to be in their company!!

Wishing you all the Happiest {Heart} Day!!


This event is sponsored by:  
Lily Bella Fabric Ribbon Jar Whimsy Couture Seemingly Smitten
Book Craft image The Little Bird Vixen Made
Joonie Beads Merdith's little shop Liberty Original
Sharing here...

It's Overflowing

Design Dazzle

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alice in {Winter} Wonderland

When my very dear friend Laura asked me to help with her daughter 
Sophie's fifth birthday party,
I thought it would be so fantastic to do a girl's party for a change!!!

Laura and I met while I was managing HOME at our Anthropologie.  
Since those days a lot has changed...children...becoming stay-at-home moms...
I always love that we can talk design and fun girl stuff.  I need that!!

Her idea was to have an Alice in {Winter} Wonderland party.
Very cool!
{it's not every day that you get to fall down a rabbit hole!}
We are in the 'burbs of Chicago and the first snow fell actually a couple
days before the party, which was perfect.

The vibe Laura was going for, definitely Vintage Alice,
tea party, collected and whimsical of course!!  We decided on 
the colors of pink + tangerine {LOVE that combo!} with 
accents of white, black, and light blue.  

We spent New Years Day scouring Good Will and Home Goods for 
party supplies.  I made lists and the ideas kept coming.  
Last weekend it all came together!  Where shall I begin?
"Begin at the beginning
and go on till you come to the end: then stop!"

Alice in {Winter} Wonderland

{Miss Sophie, Birthday Girl Extraordinaire}

Eat Me and Drink Me was the theme of the tablescape
that featured delectable treats, vintage pieces, teapots,
urns, keys, glass vials, and even a little moss covered scene
captured in a cloche.  
I made the clocks and put them inside empty frames found at Goodwill that 
I spray painted black.  The "Welcome to My Party" sign includes Alice and 
Rabbit silhouettes along with a table of vials.  I cut the silhouettes out of black
glitter cardstock, and placed them on book pages from Alice in Wonderland.
The frame was also found at Goodwill and spray painted a shimmery silver.
Even the time on the clocks had significance!
Laura made these awesome Eat Me cookies.
Cupcakes were  done in similar colors and were delicious!
This stand from Home Goods was the perfect find!!
Milk  was served in repurposed frappuccino bottles with pink and blue striped paper straws from In The Clear {Etsy Shop} adorned with a mini butter cookie. 
Drink Me was written on tags from Michaels and tied onto the bottles with black string.
Alice as the latest starlet added to the Got Milk? ad campaign {smile}.
I had to show off this silver piece from Goodwill, I think it was $2.95, seriously.

{Candy Bar}
The candy bar was part of the tablescape, and the party guests loved it!! 
Being a party with such whimsy we wanted to come up with some different 
candies mixed in with the good ol' standbys. had an amazing assortment.  We loved that you could shop by 
candy color, prices were reasonable, and they had some really fantastic finds...
blue raspberry gummy bears?  sparkly pink and tangerine gum balls? 
 shimmery rock candy?
Yes please!!
Some of the cylinders and vessels were purchased from Home Goods,
but most we had between the two of us, so fantastic!!
I found these great printable Eat Me, Drink Me tags

We had ordered some additional supplies from an ETSY shop,
that messed up and sent another order rushed, and unfortunately,
would not work to get Laura her order in time.  So in a fantastic
moment at Michael's in their dollar bin I found a vintage teapot stamp 
and another great find, some brown kraft {food safe} bags.
I used my existing stamps to put "eat me" below the teapot.
This beautiful pewter platter had an extra compartment perfect for the bags,
and if you could see the detail you would love it...a flower, an owl, 
very woodland creatures, perfect for Alice!
We filled it with oreos to play off the black and white 
clocks hanging above the tablescape.

I called this young gentleman Mr. Wonka
{wrong theme I know} but he was very sweet {can't help myself!}
to help distribute the candy.

{Tea Party}
The beautiful 3D snowflakes are from Carter's Cottage Interiors
and Laura made the flowers from tissue paper in the party theme colors...
aside from all the shimmery effects, this truly tied the {winter} part into wonderland.

The table was created from 3 rectangular tables covered with white tablecloths and
branches spray painted in silver glitter adorned the center along with vignettes of vintage
silver teapots, mercury glass mushrooms and serving pieces made from pretty plates
and candlesticks found at Goodwill and glued {epoxy} together.

Tea party placemats {free printable} from Oh! Crafts were a lovely addition to the table.
As every birthday girl in Wonderland should have, the table was anchored by
a wingback chair so perfect!

{Mad Hatter Story Time}
"we're all mad here"
The setting for this area included benches and a beautiful chippy cupboard.
I had tea-stained some playing cards and made garland with twine.

We filled the cupboard with vintage books and party favors
{books wrapped with READ ME tags}
laid out on silver trays along with some other fun pieces.

The Mad Hatter was the adorable Birthday Girl's adorable Grandma!!
She was so great to play along and did a fantastic reading of the book.
She also brought a little Mad Hatter experiment for the kids.

My little Mad Hatter took a picture with her, love it!

{ More Decor & Fun}
We added this rabbit from the venue {poor guy had a broken foot}
to the gift table with a vintage pocket watch that was Laura's.
I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!
I reused a chalkboard from my boys' Vintage Wheels party
and added a new little saying to it...Why Thank You!
Heart Alice & Sophie.  {Alice was sweet to oblige with a picture}.
Guests could choose from some very Wonderland designs
to adorn their faces...cheshire cat, spade, clubs, heart, or diamond.  Of course it was a hit!

The movie played on a loop along a wall as guests sat on pillows to watch.  
Laura found this gorgeous place, Blumen Gardens, right in her town!!
It was absolutely perfect for the party.   Lots of greenery indoors,
urns, plants, pottery, beautiful lighting and windows.
The kind of place you step in and it just transforms you.

We had a chance to talk with one of the owners, and the place
itself has hosted some very cool and very different events.
What I appreciated most?  The ceiling already had hooks
for hanging all of the decor, and {for a fee} they did it for Laura
the day prior to the party which worked out so perfect.

So there it is, a very GIRL party and we were so so happy with how it turned out,
most importantly Miss Sophie had a fabulous time!!

For more details on help with your little one's next party, 
head on over to my page...
Little Marvels Designs


Linking up to...
these lovely parties!

It's Overflowing
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