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Monday, October 15, 2012

Let them Play Ball {Inside}


Since we have been back from Disney I haven't felt well.  
Really it started before, but I just wanted to have this 
special vacation for us, and we did, it was magical.

I bet you thought this post was going to be about something else {grin}.

I woke up and headed to the ER this morning,
I will spare all of the details, but with my symptoms, 
the ER doctor told me {thankfully} later that he thought
I may have had a mass in my abdomen.
My CT came back clear.  

I still have yet to have all of the answers I need,
but I do know at that moment, Matt and I reaching for each other's hands,
that all that mattered was us and getting home to hug my loves.


Tonight I read a Facebook post from a well known author 
{ahem, Mrs. Emily Giffin} and there are over one-thousand comments
about whether one should allow their children to play ball in the house.

Hot topic.

Overwhelmingly the answers were no, never, under no circumstance, 
something could be broken, someone could be hurt...even with a Nerf ball....
it's the absolute worst thing you could let your child do.

OK, made that last one up, but some were close.

I say let them play ball.  Nerf ok, whatever you decide.
Here no shoes inside, no baseballs indoors, 
but we hung a basketball  hoop {not talking the Nerf kind}
in our oldest's room and he is regularly found kicking his 
soccer ball {used indoors only} around.  

I might add his ball control skills have really improved.  

I am sure you get my point.

It's not one of respect or injury, it's one of letting the little 
stuff that doesn't matter go once in awhile.
Something I am reminded of often, like today,
most of you know our story.

Yes set boundaries, set rules, designate areas,
it isn't a free-for-all here.

Don't you love once you disagree with the majority they think you're
filming the next Animal House with your toddlers?  

{Griffin could totally pass for John Belushi}.

I guess what I am saying is lighten up once in awhile.
I say this to my rule-following self.
Live a little.  

Whatever is "the thing" ease up a bit.
It feels good, I promise.  And it's hard for me too.

Maybe I just don't have a home filled with super expensive stuff,
no china to destroy, no massive flat screen tv to ruin.

Our floors and walls are dinged by life.

Would I love to have it differently?
In my mind I think so, but not in my heart.

We LIVE here.

Go long I'm open! 

Night friends,
:: michelle ::
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