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Monday, August 29, 2011

No.2 T-Shirts for 4 Please! {Tutorial}

I love applique shirts,
ok applique anything.

I bet you couldn't tell!
{no you say?}

My favorite kids clothing comes from
Mini Boden

However, 4 Mini Boden shirts
at $24 a pop is not  in my budget,
even with their current
buy 3 get 1 free sale.

So, what's a mama to do?

Yes, make her own.
Exactly what I told myself last year
that I would not do this year
because planning a party for FOUR turning 2
is plenty in and of itself.

Oh well, I jumped ship!

Here is how they turned out.
I love them!
Especially because I figured out a way
to incorporate the darn pocket in to the design.

I added 4 little flags over the pocket,
you got it to symbolize the FOUR turning 2!

The shirts were $5.00 on the Target clearance rack.
I wasn't sure about the pocket,
but found a way to work it in,
and the colors were right on with
the whole theme
{which will be revealed soon!}

For this project you will also need:

coordinating yarn
yarn darning needle
heat n' bond or steam a seam 2
and your applique template
{here the number 2}

My supplies are ready to go.

I then cut out the 2 from my felt.  
Followed the Heat N' Bond instructions.

Since I wasn't going to be stitching around the edges
I used Heat N' Bond,
it was a little tough to get the needle through,
but the applique is set for the long haul.  

First adhering the heat n' bond 
to my felt.

and then to the shirt. 
I was cautious of my iron temperature with the felt.  

Next my supplies for 
outlining the 2 with yarn
and tying the bunting together.

Finally I threaded my yarn through the needle
and without creating a loop tied knotted one
end and left some excess to hang through the needle.

I then stitched through all of the 2's and flag bunting.
It just added that finishing detail
to make these shirts extra sweet
for the birthday boys!!

As always, please feel free to
comment or email me if you have
any questions on the tutorial.

I made 4 shirts for the price
of 1 Mini Boden shirt!

Now we can have some cake and presents!

Stick around because I will be sharing
all things party-prep and many more
projects this week!!

Time to get your party on!

I will be linking up this project {and more} to
these  Lovely Parties, stop on by!




  1. Oh, Michelle! These are wonderful! And totally them! And I can't believe you found 4 of them on the clearance rack all the same was obviously meant to be...;)

  2. Love these! SO cute!

    I'd be honored if you'd link up to our Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings party going on now!!


  3. These are adorable...I need to remember to applique...I could cover up all of the stains on my son's shirts!

  4. These are TOOOOO precious! I especially LOVE the 1st picture - very very cute way to show them off!
    Your blog is DARLING :) How could anyone NOT fall in love with your family! I'm for sure goingn to follow you! God bless you!!!

  5. Oh my goodness these are amazing! I LOVE how you did them and I can honestly say that I would spend lots to get something so personal and wonderful like these! I am SOO thrilled to "meet" you via Crafty Scrappy Happy Me. Thursday! I am in love with your blog already and i have only seen a couple of posts---totally a new follower! Thank you so much for the great inspiration and thanks for linking up :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  6. Saw these awesome shirts over at Craft Scrappy Happy! They are so adorable and I love the bunting on the pockets! Love your blog too!


  7. Oh my gosh, They turned out so cute! Great job!

  8. Those are great shirts! I love the yarn detail!

  9. I'll be featuring your adorable T-shirts tomorrow... Fell free to visit and button-up ;)

  10. Too, too, TOO cute! Can't wait to see the big reveal for the whole theme! : )


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