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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucky Seven Chalk Art

When I saw Dana Tanamichi's chalk art for the very first time, I just fell in love,
I thought it was so beautiful and the typography was stunning.  
I always say I was born in the wrong era, and her work embodies another 
time, and well did I say it is stunning?

I have been waiting for the perfect occasion to make some of my own.
Then we started planning Ethan's Lucky Seven Family Game Night...perfect!!

Let me start by saying I am no Dana Tanamichi.  At all.  She is incredible.  
However,  one similarity may be the time constraints we work under.  

After getting all of the supplies, Matt creating the board, {we use inexpensive plywood with a smooth surfaced thin sheet of MDF on top, it takes chalk paint lovely}, painting, letting it dry, I had one night from the boys' bedtime to party morning to create a 
the whole theme for E's party.  Nothing like last minute right?!  

Well I had been fighting a nasty nasty virus and while thankful no one else was sick it kind of threw my plans out the window, but sometimes too much time makes it harder, 
too much time to overthink.  So once his balloon surprise was ready for the next morning, 
I got to work.  

To know how she pulls off those amazing creations, I read this insightful interview to find a supply dollar store chalk, rags, fabric tape measure, and I added hairspray,
good ol' aquanet as the party was outdoors and I had no idea what the conditions would be.
I didn't want to be a sobbing rain-soaked mama mid-party spitting out phrases like, 
"all that hard work just washed away"... before E would grab me by the shoulders and say, "get a grip mom!"

So after setting up shop on our kitchen table, I got to work.  I really had no time to think about how I wanted it to look, so I just had some of her photos around me.  Then I tried to cover the {already cleaned for the party} kitchen floor with as much chalk 
and hairspray as possible. 

After I completed the top section I got a little bleary-eyed.
I blame it on the aqua net, not the hour of night.  
I started thinking about teasing my non-existent bangs
 and measuring them with the flexible ruler tape.  

Really I was hoping E would love it because I am not sure 
a chalk art family game night beats an epic air bounce-a-thon,
but I am so thankful for his faith in me to try!

He requested 3 games to play, 
Angry Birds, Minute to Win It and Hole in the Wall
so I wanted those represented on the bottom half. 

I admit it, I just wanted to draw the angry bird guy.

Here it is, in all of it's chalk dusted glory!!

My handsome and sweet birthday boy E.  

And this one just say it's my birthday!!

Worth every bit of inhaled aqua net infused chalk dust.

Thanks E for thinking mom could actually pull this one off. 
I know I don't have many of these party planning chances left,
my big seven year old, so I loved making this one count for you.

More to come on the Lucky Seven party, and think about
a massive chalk art piece to make a statement at your next party!
Just give yourself a little more time than I did!

Until soon,
:: michelle ::

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  1. I just love it! What a fun party for such a special little guy!

  2. too cute! love your chalk art!!


  3. Love the chalkboard sign! Great job with the artwork!

  4. The chalkboard art is fantastic and can be used again and again. I've been admiring the wonderful fonts and artwork people draw on their chalkboards too - you did a wonderful job.

  5. You did such a great job! I've seen those awesome signs around- you nailed the spirit of it perfectly!

  6. That sign is so cool! You did a beautiful job! Megan

  7. Turned out great and I love how big it is!

  8. what is the "lucky 7" for? Is he turning 7 on the 7th? we call that a golden birthday.

  9. @cooperkelly4, couldn't respond to no reply. ;) His golden birthday will be when he is 16. We've always called the 7th birthday, Lucky 7z, we like the number 7 {# of people in our family} and it made sense with a game night birthday where 7 is typically a lucky number ;)

    1. gotcha! not sure about the no reply, I even subscribed to the comments just to make sure. =0)like your reasoning. I was asking cause my son is turning 7 on the 7th of august. (his golden birthday) =0)

    2. That happens to me too, not sure why?! Glad you were able to see the reply! Aww, happy birthday to your little guy. Let me know if you have a golden birthday idea, that's always fun, his will be extra lucky!! ;)

    3. Do you have a theme planned? I just had a fun idea, a Willy Wonka Golden Birthday {from the Golden ticket}. I could do a post with some ideas if you're interested? But you probably already have one, just realized the date! Sorry we've been in stomach flu central here so I didn't even realize the date!!


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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