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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our {Wonderfilled} Week 1

the old
I have been linking up here

for awhile now to express my gratitude for my life.
My intent is to always be grateful, but I do not always live gratefully.
This helps keep me in check.  

the new
My gratitude post will now be called
Our {Wonderfilled} Week
and I will try my best to post it Sunday nights...
regularly scheduled programming friends {smile}.

It may encompass our entire week, a highlight from our week,
really whatever moment brought me back to where I need to be.

It doesn't imply our week was perfect or without trial.
What it speaks to is the choice
to remember it, keep it, and cherish it wonderful
for us
for Him
who made it that way.

Hope you find real life, peace, and smiles here.


Sunday's trip to Wild West Town

109. cowboys sleeping peacefully

110. a cute little boy awake in the car because he napped on the way there instead

111. roller coaster riding, yahoo!

112. a smile that has a few more holes as summer days have passed

113. mining for gold

114. reactions from train-obsessed boys on train rides

115. funny cowboys referring to our stroller as a covered wagon 

116. a big brother's words, I got them mom.  

117. learning to be more flexible and adaptable

118. while sad to soon leave age one behind, excited for all the
new my "babies" are doing

119.  the look exchanged between husband and wife
while dripping in sweat from 100 degree heat and wrangling our boys..
this is all we need.

Crazy in love with this life and wishing you all a {wonderfilled} week!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Applique Pillow Tutorial

I think applique designs are the sweetest.
I use them for my superhero capes.
I made a number 7 applique pillow in my one-night makeover.
and for my quadruplet boys' first birthday, they wore {made by mama} applique shirts.  

I also promised I would post on it, and I am one to keep a promise!

This applique pillow is one of the designs I made for
a larger project for my little guys.
It turned out so cute, I wanted to share.
I know when I was trying to learn how to applique 
I asked the very sweet girls at the fabric store,
so this is so you don't have to ask {grin}.


It is also an envelope back style pillow so 
there you go, 2-for-1.
I like the envelope style
as you can then wash the pillow cover.


For this pillow I used 3 fabrics:
2 Dwell Studio for Robert Allen {dots and zoo}
a brown and white stripe made for Jo-Ann fabrics

Coordinating fabrics is fun for me, 
so if you ever want to know just ask, I'd love to help..
{not that I am an expert at all!}

1 package of Steam-A-Seam 2
coordinating thread
fabric scissors

First, Cut Out Pillow
My pillow size was 12x16,
so I cut one pillow front with a half inch allowance on all sides.
For the pillow back, envelope style,
Cut one piece at your height {here 12} and length of 1/2 your pillow length {here 8}
Cut the second piece at your height {here 12} and the length of 3/4 of your pillow length {here 12}
in total you will have one front piece and 2 back pieces, set aside

Second, Create Applique
Usually I create my own applique.
You can create your own design
or as I did here you can use appliques from exiting fabric.

Once you have your applique design,
arrange them on the Steam-A-Seam
and cut them out.

Then remove the paper backing
from the other side of the applique
and place it on the pillow front fabric.

{pay no attention to the 8 sandals lined up on top of the dryer, smile}

Iron lightly.
Sew on using a standard stitch.

{tip: as t-shirt and capes get heavier use, I usually use a zig-zag stitch}

Third, Finish Pillow
Take each pillow back piece and finish
by folding 1/4 inch in and stitching down the seam.

Then pin your pillow backs to your pillow front
with all right sides facing in
{you should only see the unfinished sides of your pillow}

Stitch a standard seam around your pillow.
Cut in the corners so they don't pucker.
{yep that's an official term}
Pull the pillow right-side out making sure to 
push out the corners as well.
Place your pillow form inside.

See, all done, that was painless right?!!

Beautiful job!!  I'd love to see your fab new applique pillows!!!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

If I were your child...

If I were your child...
I would want you to tell me
how amazing I am,
how my heart lives inside yours,
how my smile is one million watts brighter than the sun,
and how you watch me as I sleep just because.

You may think I already know,
how couldn't I?
but I still want you to tell me
in sweet words whispered at night,
in warm hugs when I am scared
and most of all when you're laughing
when I made you laugh.

There will be enough in this world
that want to tell me otherwise...
I can't, I don't, I'm not enough.

I need you to place the words deep in my heart
the ones God gave to only you
to give to me.

{to my boys}






from the most cherished book
in our home
You Are My I Love You


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moms! Eat...Your...Veggies

This weekend I threw this dish together for myself in no time.  I do like eating healthier, I feel better, but then there are days like today that involved a little too much chocolate and caffeine {whoops}.  Well, sharing this healthy recipe makes me feel {a little} better.

If you can cut up more veggies than you need, great, have them on hand for a few days.  I have eaten this three days straight and still could eat it tomorrow...I will {promise}.

{Healthy Greek Salad}

The ingredients for this  are...
mixed baby lettuce
feta cheese crumbles, handful
grape tomatoes, sliced
cucumbers, diced
grilled chicken 
pita chips, handful crumbled
greek dressing, either make your own,
with lemon would be lovely or I bought a new Greek dressing from Kraft
yummy and heart healthy fat

Mix all of the above together...delish!  
If saving for later, I recommend leaving out the cheese, pita chips, and dressing, 
and adding those in as you make it!

You can see I like my salads heavy on the toppings!  



It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

{drum roll please}...

#3 Country Loven!

Country Loven said...My little boy would just love these! They are so adorable! My son Jaydon just loves super heroes and calls himself "Super Jaydon", which usually gets a couple of confused looks from non parents when we are out while he shows them his best "Super Jaydon" pose! hehe Love the capes! Lighting Bolt

#10 Tanya!

Tanya said...This is so cute! My son would love it. I would love to be able to teleport!


Since we have two boy mama winners, 
I will custom make two capes in this adorable
orange and blue color scheme! 

Visit the original giveaway post to choose your emblem
and let me know if you would like to include an initial, 
{all except lightning bolt can be chosen for this}.

Please contact me at

Thanks so much to all the participants!
I am happy to be getting to know all of you who have stopped by!

Remember, there is still another chance to win a custom cape! 
The Facebook giveaway is still open! 
Once I reach 100 fans I will be giving away another cape to
the person with the most referrals, so tell your friends to help you win!

Now I need to get to work on those stretchy arms and mind reading abilities!

True Random Number Generator  
3Powered by RANDOM.ORG

True Random Number Generator  
10Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Note, 1-24 was the range I entered, but the copy/paste changed it from 1-100, 
all that matters really is the result!! 


Blog Hoppin'

Taking part today in this fun blog hop!  Hello to all stopping by!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GIVEAWAY {enter now, it's almost over!}

Hi friends!  The superhero cape giveaway mentioned here is nearly over!  The odds are on your side to win one of two superhero capes.  I would love to have you win!  This giveaway ends when I reach 60 followers...I am just ONE follower shy of 60! {thank you for all the love this week!}

I didn't receive any referrals {becoming followers} to giveaway a third cape, so here is my new plan, because I know a custom cape would be so fun for your little marvel!!!

Here's what to do. Head on over to Facebook and like Our Wonderfilled Life.  When I reach 100 FB "fans" I will create a custom superhero cape {$35 value} for the person with the most referrals.  Make sure they write on the wall of Our Wonderfilled Life that you referred them.  

Thank you so much for your support, can't wait to announce the winners!!

{Note, I have closed comments on this post, please comment at the original giveaway post using the button to the right of this post or the link above, thanks!}


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Blog Award started in Germany (most likely). 
It is an award used to highlight smaller blogs that are less known (blogs with less than 300 followers).
The Liebster Award is one you accept with the intention of paying it forward. 
When you accept the award, choose 3-5 other blogs that you feel deserve more followers, 
and pass the word on to them.
After accepting the award, you are supposed to share 7 things that the blogging world 
doesn't know about you.

so here goes, although I think you know this first one {smile}....

1. I love my guys, all six of them, as we say... to the moon, out of the galaxy a million, trillion, zillion.  
In all truth, I love being in a house full of boys, they are so fun!!!! 

2. Empathy is so important to me...seeing something from another perspective, reaching in to someone 
instead of waiting for them to reach out, trying to show those whom you love that love now, 
it all should just be a part of daily life.  Nearing the ripe ol' age of 35 {yikes} I appreciate how much 
some of my closest friends get this.

3.  It drives me nuts when people think what they say or do does not resonate with their children.  
Kids are resilient {yes} but capable of so very much, much more than we give them credit for.

4. I have learned to love my curly hair after years of cursing it.  
Although my son did not have chemotherapy for his cancer, 
I met a lot of kids who lost their hair with their treatments and realized how vain it was, now I cherish it.  

5. I have always seemed to have a crush on Matts...{my very own McDreamy of course}...
Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, now if only Nathan Fillion would change his name to Matt {ha!}.

6. I love to read, if I had a day to myself I would probably spend it reading, ok and making stuff, finishing projects.  All while eating chocolate, now there is a combo that works!  Oh and watching Molly Ringwald movies, or any 80s flicks, I can do that all at once right?!

7. I would love to write for a living, it is such a process and takes so much out of me, 
but I absolutely with all my heart love it...who knows what He has in store for me!  

 This award was given to me by The Letter 4, the lovely, collaborative blog of four beautiful sisters.  
When I happened upon their blog, I adored it!!!
The number four is special to me, having grown up as four sisters and having four boys {of my five}
born on the same day within minutes of one another.

celebrating their first birthday

The blogs I nominate for this award are...

Jules at bles-id
Christine at Great Oak Circle

I chose each one for a specific reason {which you'll see when you visit them!}.
Some are new sweet blog friends, some real-life know-me friends.
Go on and head on over and show them some love on this {sunny} Monday morning.

And to all visiting from other blogs, link ups, etc. I am glad you are here.
I hope you have enjoyed yourselves!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Days when the Pirate Comes

{a fun idea for the sandbox, a visit from the Pirate}

On days when the pirate comes,
he leaves a treasure in the sand.
Our outlaw with the heart of gold.

This treasure is gifted to little boys
carried through their childhood.
Remember when we were pirates?

He arrives when the days are marked by dirty toes and pruney fingers.
Days when big brother whispers, I will always be here for you,
and little brothers hold him close, and learn to call for each other...
Lee-Lee, Beck-Beck, Eee-Tee.

During the hot days and carefree nights,
when the air is full of the spirit of Peter Pan, 
even their shadows smile,
from the sheer happy thought of it all.

On the day when the pirate comes.

If I Were Peter Pan, You Would Be My Happy Thought

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