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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting in the Spirit - It's a Wonder*Filled Christmas!

We took some Christmas pictures today, just us here,
the boys in pjs.  We do the pj thing every year and I LOVE it!
I am definitely no professional,
but this year I was up for the challenge to save money
and take our own pics.
They may not be perfect from a photography standpoint,
but they sure are just right from where this mama is sitting!

I thought these cute faces could last a bit?!
Buy me a little time?

So, please excuse me for a few days
as the potty-training efforts continue
and I prepare for...

A Wonder*Filled Christmas!
right here!
December 1st-12th!

If you haven't seen it yet advertised up in the
little corner of this blog,
well, it's starting Thursday!

TWELVE days of Christmas crafts, tips,
goodies, and more!!

I am also super excited for some of my 
favorite people in the blogosphere
to stop by and share some fun things with us!!

Until soon...get excited!  See you then!

I don't often say it, but if you check in on us,
like what we do and are about, then we'd love to have you 
follow along with us.  I promise there are no
hidden fees or obligations {smile}!
Just fun and hopefully some inspiration!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun and Follies

Can you believe Thanksgiving was here and gone?!
I am still in disbelief that we are headed toward Christmas!
We have been running around like those headless turkeys...
prepping for Thanksgiving and potty training.  

I decided to take a little break from all things pee related to wrap
up our Thanksgiving fun and some follies!  
{I have to keep things interesting!}
I will do a separate post on potty 
training if I live to tell about it!

This week we made turkeys modeled after the one Ethan
brought home from school.
And the boys LOVED the printable book

{who says turkeys can't fly?}

{featured at Tatertots and Jello!}

Earlier in the week we also had a visit from 
Auntie Kathy and Uncle Dan, who live in Colorado.
Kath and I have been friends for 30 years! {eek!}
She is Griffin's Godmother, and we just LOVE any time we get to spend
with them.  Oh how I wish we lived closer!!
It was a late night with a lot of pizza and beer.
My kind of laid back night with friends!

As I headed out the door Thanksgiving Eve,
I had to capture this Daddy snuggle-fest!

Here is where I begin to lose it!!
Out running errands, I am in the store,
listening to the music, thinking of what I need to buy,
and my attention grabbed by these beautiful flowers,
but I am flabbergasted at the $30 price tag!
They were gorgeous, but my turkey wasn't even that much!

I turn around and walk away with what I thought was my cart...
a woman comes running after me,
her purse was in the cart too, and yep sure enough I look down,
I don't recognize one single thing!  So embarrassed and all I could 
mutter was a quick apology and a reference to just being exhausted!
{I don't think she was buying it!}

I went on my merry way, paid, ran to another store and 
Matt sweetly put the groceries away for me when I got home.
Next morning, Thanksgiving, I am starting to cook
and I am not recognizing AGAIN a few items
in the fridge.  Yep, they gave me someone else's bag!
Oy Vey!  Thankfully I also had all of my stuff!
I really thought I had gone mad! 

Since Thanksgiving is not my holiday to host,
we continued at our own pace which was LOVELY.
I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for us... 

Ethan helped make two pumpkin pies,
he is a pumpkin pie rockstar!

Matt cleaned the turkey, because while I will do it,
it really does gross me out.

And then of course horseplay, it wouldn't be any day in our home without it!

We are so looking for the day when we can all head outdoors
and play some Thanksgiving football!!

We watched the parade, the little boys saw Santa
and they loved seeing some of their favorite characters as balloons.
E cracked us up, "I had to close my eyes until Hello Kitty was gone."

We packed up the boys after some awesome pie
and headed out to my parents.
It was such a wonderful day, 
it always is when we can just be together.

I did try to head out to Target at midnight, but once I got there the line was insane!!  I got a few GREAT deals last week, and truth be told unless you
are vying for a big electronic item, I didn't see much out there this year.
Did you?!

Well, I thought I would leave you with our Thanksgiving Menu.
I can't believe we pulled it all together in about 4.5 hours!
And I was thrilled the turkey turned out because it was only 
my second time cooking one.  
{happy dance!}

{Thanksgiving Menu}
 stuffed it full of apples, onions, and a poultry rub on top with LOTS of butter!
my boys do not like the texture of mashed and these are THE BOMB!
my guys love broccoli and also carrots...
Trader Joe's cornbread
Good ol' pumpkin pie
Fresh Market Apple Pie

...I am going into a food coma!...

Our tables can't get too fancy {which I don't mind at all really!}, but I still wanted to make it nice! I threw some dried beans and peas in mason jars with candles, it was really pretty actually!

So what do you say?  Onward to Christmas?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our {Wonderfilled} Week 10-Thanksgiving Edition


It's nearly Thanksgiving and I am talking today
about weak-in-the-knees gratitude.
The kind where you sit in humble awe
of all you have been given.
Thanking God above for every bit of it.

Realizing that while there are struggles,
difficulties, tough moments,
you're here now, and all
things are working for His good.

While I let this resonate,
I also want to keep space in my heart
to recognize that there are many with
immense weight on their shoulders 
in the midst of crisis and pain.
Those who cannot afford the
luxury of celebration.

During this beautiful, magical time of year,
fight feeling with feeling.
Pray for their hearts and their sadness
to the one and only who can hold them tight in His love.

And the list continues...
201. a sweet voice greeting me first thing in the morning,
"Good Morning Mama," {Aiden}

202. little boy words that I do not correct because
they are way too adorable 
{Aiden calls rocks, rockets}
{Beckham insists every fireman is named Sam}
{Liam with his immense vocabulary doing all the correcting for me}
{Griffin says otay for okay}

203.  every single person and act of kindness
that has been done for my family

204.  a little pilgrim 

205. a proud scout

206.  footed pjs and crazy morning hair, they get me every time

207.  bros working together

208. hungry little boys

209.  a husband who works hard all day and 
helps me tackle everything here as soon as he steps in the door

210.  a visit with a lifelong cherished friend

211. healthy homemade soup

212. bringing dinner to a friend 

213. these friends seeing more fun and playtime

214. all that is Christmas just around the corner

215. turkey and all the trimmings!

Wishing you and your families a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving!

Take a moment to check out the new One Thousand Gifts App!

Muslin Bag Mania: {Pick Your Plum}

and today they have 10 muslin bags for $3.50!  

I was just looking for them for an upcoming project!
I have ordered from them once before for the little boys' 
birthday party {pushpop containers} and their packaging,
shipping, all was a great experience!

I am not compensated in any way for this post,
just thought I would share if you were looking for some too.
Or even if you weren't looking I am sure 
you could find something fun to do with them!  

Here are a few ideas if you need some inspiration!


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ethan's Playroom

I have mentioned Ethan's playroom for awhile now, 
and thought it's about time to share it with you!  
Why do I always take pictures at night in bad light of our playrooms?
Oh yeah, because that is when they are clean and photogenic!!

So, I had a few projects I wanted to finish up in here.
some new throw pillows with more pattern
a valance
curtains {we had just thrown these blinds up for privacy}

Hoping for a trip to IKEA, but not in the plans or budget,
so I am deciding to share it anyway and hold off
on any improvements until after Christmas.

I will soon be putting up a tree in here with
E's Polar Express train circling it, so fun!!

It's a cool space for Ethan.
And yes, we do have 2 playrooms!!

I can show you the ancient television sitting on top of a 
rubbermaid bin in our bedroom. 
Or our bathroom that has yet to see a coat of paint
in the 6 years we have lived here.

Priorities!!  We have to wear these boys out!!

His playroom will {hopefully} move to our unfinished
basement someday, when HGTV surprises us on our doorstep to finish it!
{I won't hold my breath!}

Eventually this room will turn into a bedroom.
Right now the little guys share a room.
Ethan has a room.
This playroom is in our open loft area. 

It serves a couple purposes.
First, it kept four babies out of toys with tiny little pieces.
Second, it gave Ethan a place to escape to either alone
or with friends to just hang out and play. 
Lately, it's been the ground for family Just Dance {Wii} time
before bed.  These boys can shake their booties!!

All of the chalkboard bins came from the downstairs playroom,
and were originally from Target.

The sofa and Billy bookshelves are from IKEA.
The foosball/air hockey table was E's Christmas gift 2 years ago.
This space was put together over time.  

The fun print above the television is E's very own
movie poster.  It's from his 5th birthday movie-themed party.
From the mom and dad team that brought you "Ethan,"
comes the highly-anticipated action packed sequel...
Ethan Turns Five!
His brothers are all listed within the credits.
It's super cute.  You can make one here

A vintage-looking checkerboard from the Easter bunny,
ready for a pickup game anytime.

Bowling pins from our past Strike Out Cancer events.

A few books that were mine and legos that were Matts
added to E's growing collection.
He keeps the majority of his books in his room.  

Tonight we cleaned it all up and he valiantly passed along
some of his old toys to his brothers.  
Getting ready for some new Christmas loot!

For now, I am just happy he has a space to hang out and call his own
{that is when we aren't all invading it because we love hanging there too!}.

Tell me, how important is a playroom in your home?
What's on your playroom wish list?


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Make Your Own Mayflower

With the weather changing and Thanksgiving around the corner,
here is a fun activity for the indoors!

Make Your Own Mayflower

All you need is ivory soap {it floats}, 
a few toothpicks, paper,
and a sink full of water.

Oh yeah and a strong gust of wind {wink}.

It doesn't have to look like this one!


It can be as simple as I described,
or for the older ones, you can have them carve out the boat.  
You could experiment using different soaps to see how
much needs to be carved for it to float.
Make a whole fleet.

You could even take them into the bathtub.
That's my plan for the little guys!

How's that for some good, clean fun?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{New} Thanksgiving Printables: The Very Thankful Pilgrims

I have a little Thanksgiving offering for you today!!
I created this matching book,
The Very Thankful Pilgrims
{loosely based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar a story my boys LOVE}.

{watch for an upcoming post with the beautiful backdrop fabric!}

I am so glad to get the story out of my head and on paper.
It also helped that Ethan has a play coming up on Friday
where he plays the part of two pilgrims, so we have been practicing 
and it got me thinking of sharing it with the little boys.  
 I wanted to talk about the whole holiday in a kid-friendly way.
My little guys just love sticker matching books.  

Best thing, I do not have any fancy software.
I did everything in Picnik!
{Great right?!}
If you are interested in a post about that, let me know it the comments
and I can do a tutorial sometime!

Click below each page to download.  
You do have to download and then open otherwise the print
settings will be off.
{You will also want to use the shrink to fit option on all pages except the title page use crop to fit}

You can print the sticker page on sticker paper or on regular cardstock
and just glue them on!

Easy as pumpkin pie!!

{page 2}
{page 3}

{page 4}

{page 6}

Linking up this week to these great parties!!


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