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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{New} Thanksgiving Printables: The Very Thankful Pilgrims

I have a little Thanksgiving offering for you today!!
I created this matching book,
The Very Thankful Pilgrims
{loosely based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar a story my boys LOVE}.

{watch for an upcoming post with the beautiful backdrop fabric!}

I am so glad to get the story out of my head and on paper.
It also helped that Ethan has a play coming up on Friday
where he plays the part of two pilgrims, so we have been practicing 
and it got me thinking of sharing it with the little boys.  
 I wanted to talk about the whole holiday in a kid-friendly way.
My little guys just love sticker matching books.  

Best thing, I do not have any fancy software.
I did everything in Picnik!
{Great right?!}
If you are interested in a post about that, let me know it the comments
and I can do a tutorial sometime!

Click below each page to download.  
You do have to download and then open otherwise the print
settings will be off.
{You will also want to use the shrink to fit option on all pages except the title page use crop to fit}

You can print the sticker page on sticker paper or on regular cardstock
and just glue them on!

Easy as pumpkin pie!!

{page 2}
{page 3}

{page 4}

{page 6}

Linking up this week to these great parties!!



  1. Michelle-

    So glad you shared this. Moose seems to need help understanding the holiday, so perfect.

    I'm glad I was at Office Max tonight spending $50 on print cartidges...

    Sharing at pinterest...

  2. oh my heck - this is about the cutest thing EVER! Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm posting this on my crafty facebook page. LOVE IT : )
    Jaimee @

  3. I love this printable so creative and educational! My preschool class will love this!!

  4. this is fabulous!! just printed off a bunch. linked up over at my blog to show off your fabulous work!


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