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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Applique Pillow Tutorial

I think applique designs are the sweetest.
I use them for my superhero capes.
I made a number 7 applique pillow in my one-night makeover.
and for my quadruplet boys' first birthday, they wore {made by mama} applique shirts.  

I also promised I would post on it, and I am one to keep a promise!

This applique pillow is one of the designs I made for
a larger project for my little guys.
It turned out so cute, I wanted to share.
I know when I was trying to learn how to applique 
I asked the very sweet girls at the fabric store,
so this is so you don't have to ask {grin}.


It is also an envelope back style pillow so 
there you go, 2-for-1.
I like the envelope style
as you can then wash the pillow cover.


For this pillow I used 3 fabrics:
2 Dwell Studio for Robert Allen {dots and zoo}
a brown and white stripe made for Jo-Ann fabrics

Coordinating fabrics is fun for me, 
so if you ever want to know just ask, I'd love to help..
{not that I am an expert at all!}

1 package of Steam-A-Seam 2
coordinating thread
fabric scissors

First, Cut Out Pillow
My pillow size was 12x16,
so I cut one pillow front with a half inch allowance on all sides.
For the pillow back, envelope style,
Cut one piece at your height {here 12} and length of 1/2 your pillow length {here 8}
Cut the second piece at your height {here 12} and the length of 3/4 of your pillow length {here 12}
in total you will have one front piece and 2 back pieces, set aside

Second, Create Applique
Usually I create my own applique.
You can create your own design
or as I did here you can use appliques from exiting fabric.

Once you have your applique design,
arrange them on the Steam-A-Seam
and cut them out.

Then remove the paper backing
from the other side of the applique
and place it on the pillow front fabric.

{pay no attention to the 8 sandals lined up on top of the dryer, smile}

Iron lightly.
Sew on using a standard stitch.

{tip: as t-shirt and capes get heavier use, I usually use a zig-zag stitch}

Third, Finish Pillow
Take each pillow back piece and finish
by folding 1/4 inch in and stitching down the seam.

Then pin your pillow backs to your pillow front
with all right sides facing in
{you should only see the unfinished sides of your pillow}

Stitch a standard seam around your pillow.
Cut in the corners so they don't pucker.
{yep that's an official term}
Pull the pillow right-side out making sure to 
push out the corners as well.
Place your pillow form inside.

See, all done, that was painless right?!!

Beautiful job!!  I'd love to see your fab new applique pillows!!!


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  1. These are adorable! I just popped in from Tatertots and Jello...And I have to say I love the byline on your blog! So true, so good. :)

  2. I love appliques. love the whale. More the Merrier Monday will be open until Wednesday at midnight. I would love for you to stop by and link up your pillows.

  3. so cute. they turned out really well.

  4. okay, after looking at this post I'm thinking, "Why was I ever afraid of applique?". Thanks for showing how easy it is!! ;)

  5. What adorable fabrics. I love the way this turned out. Thanks so much for linking it to Fab Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle


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