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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wonder Boys {Part II}

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

How great to see some of you over following us over on FB
as we create content for our new blog.

I have asked so many random  different questions this week!
Thank you for your answers!

I just have to say that it feels good to write again.

Back when I was blogging regularly-ish I met so 
many wonderful friends out there in my computer {grin}.
I still try to keep up with them as I can, even though
it's not through my blog or commenting.
Reading is fun in itself.

I also found a lukewarm {and that's being positive} 
welcome to writing a blog that others already seemed to be doing.
Like this blogging loyalty thing, which I do understand
as a very loyal person {ahem, virgo}, but I am also big on not excluding.
Huge on it actually.

I am really "sensitive" to not stepping on others,
but I have something to say and I have always enjoyed writing.

These boys give me so much material.
{said lovingly}

So I have processed this all, here and there,
not often, just the right amount I think.
That is hard for me, taking time with something.

Now, now I just feel inspired.
Sundays have that affect on me.

I can write about all the things I want to.
Just because I love it.

I know this seems simple, but I learned the hard way.
Kind of like when they interview someone famous in a magazine
and they say all the right things, like a blogger would say,
"I do it because I love it, I don't look at the fame numbers."
But they do.

I hope I can stay true to this,
the before.  

It feels good to in the words of the philosopher NIKE
just do it.

:: michelle ::

If you haven't stopped by, come on over and help a mama out!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcing...The Wonder Boys

Hello Lovely Friends!

We are thrilled to be working on a new venture here.  It's been in the works for more than a year, well in my head for nearly all of those ramblings about a new blog were true.  I have learned it just takes time, and it was not the right time before. One of my resolutions this year was to put blogging on hold until I reached out of my computer to build and rebuild friendships.  The social area of our lives took a bit of a hit, you know living in survival mode and all {smile} which we were glad to do, but it felt strange to not develop and build relationships here first.  We also just needed some time as a family to regroup.  I didn't want to be continually thinking about what I was going to write about.  I wanted to live our moments {out loud} and take these boys in...these preschool boys now {believe it!} and of course the special moments with our oldest that we treasure so much.

I am also pulling in Super Dad to help me {he is a tech developer/manager/engineer for a living} plus he has a perspective I value so much in this team we are...together...raising our little men.

 I just may have a few more tricks up my sleeve as well! 

We have been working with the very talented {and patient} Jamie Townsend.  You must check out her site, girl is on fire!!  Seriously way talented, super clever, and oh yeah, she's also gorgeous and has the sweetest little girl whose first birthday brought us together.

So why tell you about it before we launch?

Well, I want your help and input as I refine our content.  
If you follow us on Facebook, you'll find me asking questions and 
really listening to your answers.  

See you over there!
:: michelle ::

{And yes I will update here too once I get some sort of blogging schedule down.}

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