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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wonder Boys {Part II}

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

How great to see some of you over following us over on FB
as we create content for our new blog.

I have asked so many random  different questions this week!
Thank you for your answers!

I just have to say that it feels good to write again.

Back when I was blogging regularly-ish I met so 
many wonderful friends out there in my computer {grin}.
I still try to keep up with them as I can, even though
it's not through my blog or commenting.
Reading is fun in itself.

I also found a lukewarm {and that's being positive} 
welcome to writing a blog that others already seemed to be doing.
Like this blogging loyalty thing, which I do understand
as a very loyal person {ahem, virgo}, but I am also big on not excluding.
Huge on it actually.

I am really "sensitive" to not stepping on others,
but I have something to say and I have always enjoyed writing.

These boys give me so much material.
{said lovingly}

So I have processed this all, here and there,
not often, just the right amount I think.
That is hard for me, taking time with something.

Now, now I just feel inspired.
Sundays have that affect on me.

I can write about all the things I want to.
Just because I love it.

I know this seems simple, but I learned the hard way.
Kind of like when they interview someone famous in a magazine
and they say all the right things, like a blogger would say,
"I do it because I love it, I don't look at the fame numbers."
But they do.

I hope I can stay true to this,
the before.  

It feels good to in the words of the philosopher NIKE
just do it.

:: michelle ::

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