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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun and Follies

Can you believe Thanksgiving was here and gone?!
I am still in disbelief that we are headed toward Christmas!
We have been running around like those headless turkeys...
prepping for Thanksgiving and potty training.  

I decided to take a little break from all things pee related to wrap
up our Thanksgiving fun and some follies!  
{I have to keep things interesting!}
I will do a separate post on potty 
training if I live to tell about it!

This week we made turkeys modeled after the one Ethan
brought home from school.
And the boys LOVED the printable book

{who says turkeys can't fly?}

{featured at Tatertots and Jello!}

Earlier in the week we also had a visit from 
Auntie Kathy and Uncle Dan, who live in Colorado.
Kath and I have been friends for 30 years! {eek!}
She is Griffin's Godmother, and we just LOVE any time we get to spend
with them.  Oh how I wish we lived closer!!
It was a late night with a lot of pizza and beer.
My kind of laid back night with friends!

As I headed out the door Thanksgiving Eve,
I had to capture this Daddy snuggle-fest!

Here is where I begin to lose it!!
Out running errands, I am in the store,
listening to the music, thinking of what I need to buy,
and my attention grabbed by these beautiful flowers,
but I am flabbergasted at the $30 price tag!
They were gorgeous, but my turkey wasn't even that much!

I turn around and walk away with what I thought was my cart...
a woman comes running after me,
her purse was in the cart too, and yep sure enough I look down,
I don't recognize one single thing!  So embarrassed and all I could 
mutter was a quick apology and a reference to just being exhausted!
{I don't think she was buying it!}

I went on my merry way, paid, ran to another store and 
Matt sweetly put the groceries away for me when I got home.
Next morning, Thanksgiving, I am starting to cook
and I am not recognizing AGAIN a few items
in the fridge.  Yep, they gave me someone else's bag!
Oy Vey!  Thankfully I also had all of my stuff!
I really thought I had gone mad! 

Since Thanksgiving is not my holiday to host,
we continued at our own pace which was LOVELY.
I cooked a Thanksgiving meal for us... 

Ethan helped make two pumpkin pies,
he is a pumpkin pie rockstar!

Matt cleaned the turkey, because while I will do it,
it really does gross me out.

And then of course horseplay, it wouldn't be any day in our home without it!

We are so looking for the day when we can all head outdoors
and play some Thanksgiving football!!

We watched the parade, the little boys saw Santa
and they loved seeing some of their favorite characters as balloons.
E cracked us up, "I had to close my eyes until Hello Kitty was gone."

We packed up the boys after some awesome pie
and headed out to my parents.
It was such a wonderful day, 
it always is when we can just be together.

I did try to head out to Target at midnight, but once I got there the line was insane!!  I got a few GREAT deals last week, and truth be told unless you
are vying for a big electronic item, I didn't see much out there this year.
Did you?!

Well, I thought I would leave you with our Thanksgiving Menu.
I can't believe we pulled it all together in about 4.5 hours!
And I was thrilled the turkey turned out because it was only 
my second time cooking one.  
{happy dance!}

{Thanksgiving Menu}
 stuffed it full of apples, onions, and a poultry rub on top with LOTS of butter!
my boys do not like the texture of mashed and these are THE BOMB!
my guys love broccoli and also carrots...
Trader Joe's cornbread
Good ol' pumpkin pie
Fresh Market Apple Pie

...I am going into a food coma!...

Our tables can't get too fancy {which I don't mind at all really!}, but I still wanted to make it nice! I threw some dried beans and peas in mason jars with candles, it was really pretty actually!

So what do you say?  Onward to Christmas?!


  1. Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful! I love the mason jar/bean combo. The Hello Kitty balloon comment was a highlight ;-)

  2. what a lovely holiday!!

    Christmas is truly upon us now :)

  3. mmm everything sounds and looks yummy! So glad to hear you all had such a fun day!


  4. Such a beautiful family day. Thinking about you in the midst of potty training. Prayers for sanity coming your way!


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