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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Movie Night {Mom's Pick}


Right before school ended I created a little summery bucket list, 
E added some items, and it is literally chicken scratch on a piece of paper.
Nothing like the beautiful ones on Pinterest.
It serves it's purpose though and doesn't make me stressed about not finishing it all.

One of the things E wanted to know was one of my favorite movies. 
We added a mom's movie night pick to our list and 
last night we watched...

:: The Pursuit of Happyness ::

Surely this isn't the first time I have mentioned it? {smile}
That quote just gets me, protect your dreams...go get it.

There are a few scenes that aren't really great for a seven year old,
like the bra scene at the beginning, but I know the movie and 
can easily distract E during those parts, so no problem.  

We talked through it a lot, good thing we were watching at home.
Discussed some of the heavier things, homelessness, tough breaks,
hippies stealing bone density scanners
 {okay just threw that one in to see if you were paying attention}.  

I asked E what he thought it was all about and he said, 
"Even when you have really bad luck, you keep trying and don't give up."


Yes, the message is bigger and more layered than that, but a great initial understanding.
Especially for his age, it was perfect.

I especially love the scene where he loses his shoe after being hit by a car and still goes back to work, talk about commitment. People do desperate, people do amazing when life is on the line.  When trying to make a better life for your child.  

Or when he breaks down in church just hugging his child
after being short and angry {understandably so} earlier,
remembering, this is why I am doing all of this.  

The heart of this movie and real life story reminds me of
another quote I love, surely it's been posted here before
by Mr. Shel Silverstein.
There are so many great quotes about this subject matter, but why I love the movie,
why I believe in it is because it shows how.  

I know I talk to E a lot, Matt and I both do to encourage, to be brave, to persevere, and we will with all of our boys, but you also have to do it, and see real life examples of it.

I think it is a great tool to combat entitlement.

We have worked for everything, yet we want our children to have it better
without taking away what will make them resilient, strong, and hard working.

Dream it and Do it. 

And just as art imitates life, my life has to imitate this movie.
It was like the opportunity to set an example fell from the sky today.

Waking the boys up to usher them downstairs during a major storm at 5:30am.  
Two hours later, the puking begins.
And it just kept going like that, all day.

But that's just it, it was just a day and it would be over,
and well it nearly is and tomorrow, well anything can be.  
I am going to protect that dream.

Good Night Friends,
:: michelle ::

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