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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little Housekeeping

Last weekend, this little man, my all-boy with a sweet center Beckham,
had his EEG.  We had to keep it on his perfectly round head for 48 hours.
He was a champ, seriously it would have made me crazy to 
have all those wires on my head and not be able to wash my hair,
I digress, he was AWESOME.

When we got into the place to hook everything up
of course the tech says to me, "the last boy didn't all."
OK, no pressure.
Beck cried, heck I was ready to cry.  

We stopped for shakes on the way home.  
E came with me to help distract him in the backseat,
and we may have stopped for chocolate too at our favorite place.
At that point I would have pulled the moon down right out of the sky for him.

Here he is all hopped up on sugar!

Long story short, he develops croup during the test.
I was awake hearing his breathing change,
as when I laid him down I realized there is a long cord that has
to be plugged in and no way to make sure it doesn't wrap around him.

So,  yes, croup, running him to pediatrician as soon as they opened,
running in and out for meds, of course everyone in the store thought
he had a head injury...the glares were super fun to manage {not!}.
Everyone else ended up sick and so well there is more to the story,
but all that matters is he did it, so now we await the results.
So, so very proud of him!!!!

In the meantime, this little series had to take a backseat.
While I will be sharing some inspiration with you,
I just did not want to throw out a bunch of Pinterest pictures.
I have your questions, some helpful ideas, and 
even a guest dropping in so if you'll be patient with me
I will share some great things this month
 {thank you for your patience!}

I also have three giveaways this month, 
and am about to give you all the details so stay tuned!

Until soon,

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  1. so glad to hear it's done and he did such a great job! We all keep getting sick also, it never ends! Hope you all are better soon!
    And so glad you're back! I've missed you too!!



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