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Monday, October 17, 2011

mother*wonder Monday {four} - Impatience Causes Accidents


Today while driving Liam to his eye doctor appointment,
admittedly one of those trips marked by little annoying things happening along the way...

Major freight train coming through, always a 10 minute delay.
Trying to stop at my usual place to get gas but the turning lane closed due to construction.
Stopping at another gas station, but I cannot turn the direction I need to, re-routed again, 
another 5 minutes....and for once I had time to spare...

And then I see it...a bumper sticker that speaks right to me.

Impatience Causes Accidents, Just Relax!

I think the good Lord himself slapped it right on that truck just for me.
In fact I was not even as irritated by everything as I probably would have been.
I was just truly happy to finally be making an appointment I had canceled 5 times before,
and really wanting to find out more info on Liam.

What resonated, was not impatience causing an accident while driving,
although that in itself is incredibly true, and I shamefully plead guilty!!!

It was how My Impatience Causes Those I Love to Stumble.

When I am impatient with my boys, my husband, or myself for that matter it doesn't build confidence, create trust, encourage or love, it just says
move on out of the way because I can so do this better and faster or whatever the case may be.

Patience is probably my number one struggle, to this mom who is always multi-tasking and thinking 10 steps ahead, but until today I often thought of it as something I need to change, thought about the effects, but did not really comprehend FULLY the "accidents" it could cause.

For one, my children thinking my impatience is caused by them.  Really it's not.  It's my mindset and I find myself at the height of impatience when something is not going my way, when I am tired, sick, exhausted, financially trying to make things work, it's hard to keep it all in check every day when this is the reality of my every day {for many of us}. But the fallout of me not doing so is far too great.

I do pray for more patience, but I chuckle when I add in not to give me situations to grow my patience.
Just throw it down on a silver platter Lord! 

What honestly works best for me is stopping, focusing, and separating.  
I am usually not impatient about one thing but from a culmination of things.
If I can do this, I usually can tap into my reserves.
Especially trying to get out the door and get E to school or get dinner on with 5 little helpers.  
Knowing these times will be hectic, preparing as best I can for them {and believe me I do all I can do ahead of time} but also realizing they are going to be crazy and to go with it, releases me somehow.  

Listen, I will lose my patience at 8:32am tomorrow, I am no saint, but before I do
I hope that bumper sticker flashes in my head again and reminds me of 
the damage and collateral my impatience can cause.  

Also, Liam's eyes are great {praise God!}
According to his eye doctor it is only an illusion caused by his wide-set eyes {thanks to his mommy} for it to seem as though his eyes are not looking at something together {one wandering}.

Hoping your week is full of patience, and if you have an abundance, 
send some my way!
{God Bless You!}

Until soon,


  1. So good to read this is probably my #1 struggle as well I never thought it would be but if we are running late I always seem to start getting irritable. I'm trying to get better though

  2. Great lesson! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I've been told that when we ask God for patience He doesn't just give it to us - He gives us opportunities to grow in that area... Hang in there. I struggle with this, too! :-)

  4. This is so true! I love how God got your attention!

  5. Thank you for this post. I know when I am rushing I easily get cranky with those I love. It's something to be continually working on.


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