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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Party Inspiration Board No. 3 - Vintage Wheels


I know the suspense has been building!
Now to reveal the boys'
2nd birthday party theme...

{celebrating our boys' love of anything with wheels}

I admit this one took a bit. 
I wanted to again personalize the party
for each of my boys,
but also have it all tie in together,
while I can get away with it.  

The textures and materials
I will be mixing in are...

wood, metal, burlap, chalkboard, and kraft paper

Aside from the color of these materials,
I will be adding in navy, aqua, red, and antique white accents.

Take a look at this inspiration board.

It makes me excited!!

Now less than 10 days to pull it off!
{with the actual birthday in that timeframe too, yikes!}

2.   Cupcake Pushpops, I Love SugarBabys
3.   Vintage Train Cases, ETSY
4.   Personalized Labels and Funnels, purchased from Andrea's lovely shop, The Green Grass Grows
5.   Burlap
6.   Cake Bunting, Kara's Party Ideas
7.   Dining Car, Google Images
8.   Mini Donuts, via Pinterest
9.   Milk Bottles and Stripey Straws, Polka Dot Market
10. Stamped Kraft Bags, Poppies for Grace
11. DIY tiered serving stands, via Mary Janes and Galoshes
13. Personalized Labels and Funnels, purchased from Andrea's lovely shop, The Green Grass Grows
14. Chalkboard in Vintage Frame, The Found Blog
15. Autobahn Tape & Car, Sleek Identity
16. Mason Jar Lights, via Pinterest

Off to go work on a few more projects!
More to share soon!  

If these boards inspire you,
please source with this link
{thank you kindly!}


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  1. Can you please, please, be my Mom or at the very least my party planner!?!?!?! I am so seriously ROCK.



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