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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The End and The Beginning...

There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation. 
Then school comes just along to end it.
So the annual problem for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it.

{so sorry if this is now on a continuous loop in  your brain!}

This summer we crossed over to 
the awesomeness of these two dudes...

I rolled my eyes, I protested, and then I sat down to watch
and I like them, maybe not the most educational, 
but for E sometimes he could use a break from
Morgan Freeman's narration of Through the Wormhole

It could be worse, we went straight past the  
Sponge Bob Squarepants phase, 
so I cannot complain. 

We lived it up just like our Tri-State Area pals suggested.  
With a trip for just E and I to Legoland last week.
{thanks to our buy one adult, get child free coupon}.

We finished up at Rainforest Cafe
and ordered just the VOLCANO,
in all its ooey, gooey glory!  
{E loved the dynamite on top}.

Then as a family out at our town's festival. 
{E always wants to go on the ride before he even knows what it does.}
The boys just loved watching everything, so much to take in.  

And then REALITY.

E stared first grade today.  

His bros missed him, 
 {especially the lazy summer after naptime snuggles}

{don't love the sofa, but love that it fits all of our boys!}

and making him do ring-around-the-rosy for the 150th time...

They really just got to be brothers this summer.
The "babies" were finally old enough to be funny, 
silly, and so enjoyed by their big brother.
Of course he eats up how much of a rockstar they think he is!!!

I missed him so much too.  
While I love that he loves school,
that he has always been so social and so excited about life,
it's just the where has the time gone?!
The pit in my stomache started over the weekend.
We'll adjust, and it will be great.
I just had to get my cry out once I got home...phew!

Here is today in photos...

First time making lunch, 
nothing too fancy, 
stuck to the favorites.

First time notes...

Garnet Hill $9 backpack and $4 lunch bag
{last year's clearance, saweet!}

Brown-nosing, err...teacher gift.
{cup, lemonade packets, lemonade mix Mike-n-Ikes, and cute printable}

Yearly photo
{in which E is always squinting because of the sun}

mr. handsome

So excited to be in her class!!
{she very sweetly posed for pics}

Of course he was checking out
the scene around him still.  

He walked into school so happy.
Talking with friends.
Waving..we always joke he's running for office.
He makes it easy on me.  

We ended the day with pizza, ice cream, 
and a nice long walk as a family
{summer doesn't get any sweeter}.  

I pray all good things in this school year for my awesome first born!!!

I also will get back to Our {Wonderfilled} Week next week, 
and will be sharing a giveaway with you this Friday!!
Let's just say it'll be something that will come in handy
for upcoming school pictures I'm sure!

{back-to-school printables via the lovely eighteen25 ladies
and  lemonade printable via this great spot.}

Until soon!


  1. awww! my first began Kindergarten this year. It was tough. We are getting a legoland this fall and can't wait for it to open.Lego's are all my boys talk about... and they're Phineas and Ferb fans too, I never let them get into the Spongebob thing. But now the song is in my head, thanks! Good luck with the rest of the week, at least you have 4 others to keep you busy!


  2. So fun! Makes me excited to have my daughter go to school....but I will ball my eyes out! Thanks for submitting your sweet quadruplets birthday photo to us Michelle you won our photo challenge! Now you have two buttons on our blog! Haha! -

  3. I hope everything went well and that your week is only getting better! We're going private on our blogs. I will still keep up though with your sweet family! Thank you for your blog comment also! kami


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