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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flea Market Friends and Finds!

A couple weeks ago I met my sweet friend Holly

{me, Holly}
Melting in the sweltering heat, a true test of friendship and
the love of "junk".

It had been awhile since I had gone, 
and it is an amazing flea market!!
The plus I got to spend time with a friend I cherish!

I will {briefly} tell you how I met Holly.  
It was one of those things where we kept bumping into
each other in unlikely places.
Once we only ran into each other because
Holly had forgotten her wallet
and come back into the store
E and I just walked into..weird 
{in a good way}.

Just those moments you know God is helping along.

I found out she was a triplet, and was so relieved!
She was so "normal", wonderful really and
she came from a set of multiples.
I could do this! Quads no problem!
As she says, we do grow up!

She has been an encouragement to me ever since,
even to start blogging again.
{I hope I am to her too!}

OK, you all know I am so not concise.

My mission was to find a few 
things for the boys 2nd birthday.
Of course I came across quite a few more treasures
like these...

{never any shortage of inspiration}

I just love them, funky and cool, the cushions are heavenly!

These tables are all-the-rage-lately and I understand why.
I was eyeing the metal organizing bins, what I could do with those!

Even an area with some sweet vignettes...

{whose sexy legs are those?}
mom legs {grin}

{sorry to these two women, you are now immortalized in my blog!}
everything in this little shop was gorgeous!

Holly's DIY project potential

Can't forget the alma-mater
{Go Purdue!}

So, here are my {big} purchases!
The little red wagon was only 10 bucks, 
we said "yes" and ran!

The rain has cleared up here...
hope this Saturday is gorgeous for you!




  1. OMGoodness- I would have gone nuts there- I LOVE all the old vintage/country type decor- that would be so much fun! I'm glad you got out-and what a story how you met- Good friends are hard to come by now happy for you! :) Kami

  2. We totally did take the wagon and run! What a deal! Sooooooo hot that day, but sooooo much fun to hang out! Lovely post, my friend!

  3. New follower, love your blog I'm a mom of 3 boys stop by my blog Boys, toys, chaos, & joys if u have time I should be posting some giveaways soon

  4. It has been so long since I have been to Kane (perhaps because I moved several hours north?)
    but you have me convinced I must return. I am calling a friend and setting up a mom- date now.


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