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Friday, July 13, 2012

InstaLIFE :: Just Add Water + Sand + Sun

beach life is exhausting {liam} :  twilight swim  :  buzz + liam  :  
tractor spying  :  carousel riding {griffin}  

mega water play  :  the bees knees  :  water lovers  :  crazy strong {beck}  :  
birthday wish {liam}

brothers  :  little fish {griffin}  :  to the rescue, most awesome mall shopping carts ever  :  

summer sweets  :  new toy  :  family breakfast  :  more bees knees  :  
cake batter ice cream goodness

fourth of july beach day  :  sand lovers  :  E's gag gift  :  silly beck  :  sink envy
first movie  :  little big fish  :  repeat {oops!}  :  on top of the world  :  letter practice {griffin}

This is what life has looked like the past few weeks for us, 
full on summer mode and loving it!  

It has been a summer of firsts, many for me, out solo with the boys, crazy right?!
For the past two weeks Ethan has been at camp filling his mornings with science experiments, improv {very cool}, and ancient Egypt.  
Today ended the series with a little performance from the LOL Club.
Genius idea, kids create their own skits, shop at the Rubber Chicken store for props, really cute.  Even more I am proud of E for pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

I hit up the dollar store for some great gag gifts as a treat for him, who can resist the good ol' whoopie cushion, spilled ketchup, and chatter teeth?  Not one in this bunch.

His science teacher pulled me aside and told me what an amazing young man I have on my hands, super respectful, sharp, curious, eager to participate.  If you know me by now you know I tend to beat myself by not doing enough and of course that is another conversation for another time, so it is always that I am humbly thankful for words like these and of course so proud of Ethan.  

Oh yes, back to our two weeks...

The first couple days were tricky to navigate the crowded parking lot with four little men
following their big bro in for drop off and back out again for pick up.  

Three hours of time in new surroundings to keep the little guys occupied.
An adventure for sure, one in which I learned I could take my boys
to the Children's Museum solo {and meet up with two amazing quad moms and their loves},
in fact I took them to a water park alone too.  

We're still alive to tell our tales.  

We have been brave.
I am really proud of my guys, all five.

While I can't say I will miss getting us all out the door bright and early,
prepped and ready to go, we have bonded a lot, they are enjoying hanging together,
and I have to say they listen better most of the time when it's just me.

That being said, we love having friends and family along,
it's just good to feel "normal" doing things on my own with my boys too.
It's time.

What has been insanely great to witness among the little boys is the fighting from the has been awesome to see their concern for each other.
The protection, the looking out for, the helping one another up after a fall.

You know the saying, they fight like wild animals among their little posse, 
but heaven help anyone who wants to take on one with the get three more free deal.
OK, so I took some liberty with that wording!

You can follow us on Instagram here {until I get a fancy sparkly new button}.


Happy weekend!

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