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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celebrating Easter!

While it is true that I absolutely love and adore Christmas,
Easter is just as special, of course in meaning,
and in the feeling of new life beginning with 
Spring underway.

This year we were a little more scattered before Easter,
wrapping up sickness, coming off of Spring Break and
trying to get back on track.  We had started redoing our
Laundry/Mudroom {more to come on that!}
so there were lots of projects we were working on late at night.

I felt like I had not really done much to sacrifice during Lent.
This year though I felt like I needed to work on some personal things more,
patience, listening, less sarcasm, becoming less frustrated, prioritizing appropriately 
to avoid disappointment in myself which leads to the frustration, agitation, 
all those words ending in -tion {grin}.  

Coming out of Easter I started meeting with friends to reread
the beautiful One Thousand Gifts, and I will continue my work on me,
so Lent continues and Easter was thoroughly celebrated.

The boys had a beautiful day, they did amazing during mass, 
E leaned over to kiss his brothers a few times, 
my ninety-three and ninety-four year old amazing grandparents were here,
nieces, nephews, family and our sweet "adopted" family,
our hearts were happy.

We continued Easter traditions of previous years, which the little crew
were so much more into this year...

I think p-jams are the way to go when coloring eggs.

Each chose their favorite color for their first egg, 
{not really the one picture, eh well!}
and I am so lucky not one is the same!  
Ethan {green}
Aiden {orange}
Beckham {pink}
Griffin {purple}
Liam {yellow}

They did this for their Easter bow ties too, made it easy on mom!
Aiden was a good sport about wearing the blue gingham {smile}.

We were glad Tia Irene could join in on the fun.

We painted with shaving cream, crazy, messy fun.
Just shaving cream, paint, swirl it all together, put your paper right-side down
on it, push down some evenly, turn over, wipe off shaving cream, and voila!!

E wanted to help with the shaving cream part, brave big bro!

{this is really good to do in p-jams too}

The day before Easter I was cooking, cleaning, Matt was mowing the lawn and clearing up outside, E was down playing basketball at a neighbor's house, the little crew was napping, it just felt like a rhythm was settling in,
crazy, frantic rhythm {maybe} but really it felt good.

E woke up first Easter morning and the hunt for the baskets began!

We had a silly Easter bunny this year who left goofy gifts {smile}.
The boys ate donut muffins and chocolate chip banana bundt cake for breakfast
their favorites.  I rolled out the dough and made cinnamon rolls to get them rising
while at church and off we went to mass and they did so fantastic!
{the boys not the cinnamon rolls}

Aren't my little dudes handsome?!!!!!

he looks way too old and those teeth are killing me!

lovin' the bubble gun

real men wear pink!

happy, dapper little guy


learning the tricks of the egg hunt

Beck had some cuddle time with Grandma Marion while Liam and 
Ethan kept Grandpa Jack from stealing the jelly beans!


Griffin did not want to give up baby Evan...his words, "I keep the baby!"

Griffin channeled his inner Easter bunny with 

And loving their bubble guns again {thanks Auntie Cole}...
what do you think?  hmmm Charlie's Angels?!  

and some more Easter goodness 
{yes a swordfight is included, wouldn't be Easter without it!}

We ended the night exhausted all cuddled up on the sofa after all the cleaning, getting the little crew to bed and then E and I read our favorite Easter story, 

The night before we watched the animated, Jesus, He Lived Among Us.
which we also love.  We aren't quite ready for the Jesus of Nazareth DVD,
but next year possibly.  The sweetest part is that E wanted to watch it.  

Well friends, that's a lot of Easter memories,
I hope yours was wonderful too!!!


  1. what a wonderful Easter celebration!!

    and i have vivid memories of listening to "the tale of three trees" on tape as my sister and I went to sleep :)

    man your boys are handsome sweet little guys :)

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Your boys are just too cute! :)

  3. what a bunch of handsome men!! love the bow ties. love the activities!


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