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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kids Chem Lab {How-To}

I have a boy who loves science.
There I admit it {grin}.
No, it's not so surprising,
he also loves books, sports, and lots more.
He really is curious about so much.

I like fostering the passions my children have.

When we built this house, we were allowed to change very little
from the set plans and we chose to do a lot of things ourselves,
including leaving the mudroom sink plumbing roughed in.
We were finally able to put in a sink, and while we would have loved
a much more elaborate sink, the most inexpensive does the trick.

Then I had this idea, after purchasing a couple
BYGEL Rails from IKEA for $1.99. 
It had this awesome basket  as an option for $1.99 as well.
You know me, always looking for a bargain.
For $3.99 each I got these very cool recycling bins  that 
also hook onto the rail.  I am just in love with this system
and thinking of other spots in our home to put it!

{sorry, tangent}
The lightbulb then went off, 
to make a little corner of the mudroom into
my little scientists' very own for his experiments. 

A Kids Chem Lab!

We were always hauling his kits out and all the ingredients and then
trying to put things away before dinnertime, keep them away from the little
crew, and now he has a designated space, an Easter gift from us
that we worked on together, spurred on by that IKEA trip, which was really fun.  

I am good as long as he doesn't blow up the house. {smile} is what we came up with...pretty cool right?!!

Most of the goods came from American Science and Surplus
which I have mentioned before and is an amazing store we are fortunate
to have near us.  On the day we visited everything was on sale 10-30% off, 
score!!  The best part you can buy everything separate from plastic test tubes and beakers
to goggles, even yes, the coveted drinking bird and you can shop online, nice!

{No I am not compensated at all, they don't even know about my little blog,
we just think it's a groovy place!}

E was in heaven picking everything out, especially the little periodic table and the goggles because they just make everything official {sweet}.  

We added a couple really great books...
Janice Van Cleave's Chemistry for Every Kid
Usborne's Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do
that use most items you'd find in your kitchen or pantry
and filled up and labelled the little jars.  

The kits that were gifts and started him out on this whole path,
are stored underneath the little laundry skirt, for easy access.  

These are great for a first foray into Chemistry.
ScienceWiz Chemistry
{which was purchased for E by an aunt and uncle that are actually Chemists, so cool!}
The Magic Schoolbus: A Journey into the Human Body
Scientific Explorer's Magic Science

I added 2 corkboards also from IKEA and painted some graphics
onto them in the color scheme of our mudroom for E to add all of his
notes and ideas, the project was about $12.00.

And, the reaction on my little guy's face?  Well, priceless.
Worth all of the effort and such a fun little area to show to his friends.

It all started with baking soda volcanoes and turning pennies green,
who knows where it will take him?!!

Enjoy the day friends!!
Just don't blow anything up {grin}.

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  1. I think it's such an amazing space for your big guy to do all his experimenting and exploring. What awesome parents he has to foster his creativity and love of learning.

  2. What a fabulous idea Michelle. I love that you are encouraging his love of science and the space looks amazing!!

    I featured your idea on my TT&J FB page and I featured it at Babble --


  3. Cool! I have a boy who would love something along those lines.


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