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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Krol Boys vs. The Big Jolly Guy

Santa just might have all of the toys in the world, 
but four out of five Krol boys are not too keen on the guy 
getting up close and personal.
All I know is he shouldn't be expecting any endorsement deal here.
I think the pressure is on for his Christmas morning performance...

Santa even tried the ol' give me a high five, they did happily.
Still didn't want to sit on his lap!
Of course the 60 lb. 6 year old obliged.
I couldn't believe how big he looked!
Gets me all verclempt. 

the all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth pose

the go limp like a fish and slide out  of his arms move

Santa looks a little too jolly, maybe a tad sinister in this one...
or maybe he was just tired of being kicked!

the if I keep moving he can't catch me pose

the I will never be friends with this dude in my lifetime look

Don't worry, just moments after this there was a ride on the carousel
and dinner out and Santa was a distant memory...

Funny thing, Ethan's Santa picture at 2, looked exactly the same!
He wasn't scared for life as is proof in the first picture {smile}.
And he loves to see the picture of the year he wasn't a big fan of Santa.

At least we know by age 6 they start smiling again!

Can't wait to haul these out to show their girlfriends!
he he he!  



  1. classic santa photos :) they are always fun to see!

  2. oh my gosh! These photos are instant classics!

  3. I love Griffin's face! My Liam's face looked a lot like Beckham's face in our Santa picture... it will be posted soon! They're all too funny!



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