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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a Wonder*Filled Christmas! {Day TEN}

Hello, Hello again!
Only a few more posts left in our 
It's a Wonder*filled Christmas Series!!

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet?
I hope it is beginning to feel like Christmastime!!

Today I am sharing our advent calendar with you.
I know advent is nearly half over, but it's still not too late!
{at least that's what I tell myself!}

Instead of letting this little project sit in a bin until next year,
when it will most likely not be finished, it will now be all ready to go!

I found a great way too to handle the 
who-gets-to-open-today issue too!  

On a daily basis to mark our journey toward the 
most wonderful day of the year, we have...

Ralph the Elf moving about
Trader Joe's advent calendars to each open
Ethan's paper chain advent from religious ed. class
and most importantly...
our Jesse Tree and Advent Wreath

It all helps to just make these days more special than all the other days in the year.  It's not about what you can cram
in the day, but just to say today is different, today we're moving a day closer to the birth of our King and that is every reason to celebrate!  

 For this advent calendar you'll need...

large number stamps 
small number stamps
25 small muslin bags, I got these for a steal at Pick Your Plum 
love that they had red detailing, perfect!
25 clothespins
advent goodies or slips of paper with activities
your calendar to coordinate activities with
{it's easier to do this if you have the days planned out ahead of time}

Use the large number stamps to stamp the date in the left hand corner.

Next stamp your clothespins with the initial of who gets to open
that day... our worked out nicely with the number five yay!
Keep in mind, we have the chocolate advent calendars too so 
each one gets to open one every day.  I think the Trader Joes ones were $1.99.

So you'll have a bag and clothespin for each day.

I put some goodies inside, chocolate, little toys.  
These can be picked up throughout the year.  

We also use slips of paper like these that cost next to nothing.  
My favorites...have a slumber party by the Christmas tree {right now with E}, Christmas lights scavenger hunt, and bake Jesus a birthday cake.  

Ethan's half birthday falls within the advent timing, so he gets to open
that special date.  That's why I love this idea!  We do a small celebration,
a book, some cupcakes, it's a fun tradition.  

Ours hangs on some string, using these little hooks along the walls in 
Aiden, Beckham, Liam, and Griffin's playroom.  

I love these little muslin bags, I used one for my niece's
 giftcard to go with this tree.

Coming up a delicious, simple, kid-friendly bark recipe!!
I promise you won't want to miss it!
over and out,


Linking up my advent sharing solution to these lovely parties!!


  1. such a cute idea! i saw those "patchwork" ornaments at Target and was going to buy some and I didn't. I'm kindof regretting it, hopefully there will still be some when I get around to that area again. We have the same issue with who will put up the "ornament" on the tree tonight! We're in a pattern but Ryan still complains he is going last, I keep telling him it's a circle there is no end, {and then I'm reminded of the Girl Scouts pledge}.


  2. oh my goodness this is such a cute and clever idea! :o)
    so so so happy that you linked up this week! I LOVE seeing what you are up to!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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