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Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's a Wonder*Filled Christmas {Day NINE}

Gifts Ideas for those who help keep us 
and our families going...
what would we do without them?!

Earlier this year, I had sent a teacher tidbits printable to school with Ethan.  His teacher filled out all sorts of helpful details like her favorite place for giftcards, etc.   I found out her favorite indulgence is a diet coke and here and there I will send one to school for her.  Their days are long and caffeine is a must!!  It's not too late to get those helpful details, visit Jami at the Blackberry Vine it is one of her free printables!  Once you know the favorites, it will be easy to plan!  I know numero uno is still...

{1} giftcards 
finding out that favorite spot is so helpful or getting other parents to join in so 
they can take their spouse or family even better!

{2} something special
Usually I would not promote a mug for a teacher as I am sure they get so many, but I did pick up one of these for E's teacher.  It is sweet and special.  I try to think of something they may not take the time or indulge themselves in and go with that!


{3} bookstore giftcard & bookplates
These are gorgeous and a free printable at Dahlia Press, 
click on link below photo for printable page

{Dahlia Press}

{4} book for classroom library & bookplates
There is typically a classroom book wishlist, you can pick a book or a few and 
include some of these adorable bookplates!
click on the link below photo for printable page

{Lavenders Blue Design}

{orange you lucky}

{5} framed printable
I sent Ethan with this one on the first day of school just like
this, his teacher loved it!  

This beautiful print from Jones Design Company would be great for a Sunday school/religious education teacher, link to printable is below picture...
{Jones Design Company}

{6} cookies & milk
I love this idea and adorable cookie wrap and milk carton printable from Dandee Designs.  Click on link below photo for the free printable!
{dandee designs}

{7} giftags 
{for her own gift wrapping}

Aren't these snowmen and santa chocolate bar covers adorable?!
We made them last year for the specials teachers in E's school...
music, art, literacy, etc.  He received a handwritten note from each
teacher that same day, they just loved them!  

{mail carrier}
I don't believe mail carriers are allowed to accept cash tips...I don't know how strictly this is enforced, I don't want any trouble with the government!
So, here are a few non-cash related tips.  All I know is they deliver our mail rain or shine, so they could use some Christmas cheer!  

{1} giftcard to best coffee/hot chocolate spot on their route

{2} travel tissue cozy
Simple, easy and clever!  What a great gift!  

{3} Trader Joe's goodies
I absolutely love this time of year at Trader Joe's, all of their special products
from candy-cane Joe Joes {which are completely sold out here and I, slap forehead, did not even get a box!} to chocolate star cookies, english toffee, so many options that make easy, affordable gifts.  The best part, you can wrap the gift in a Trader Joe's paper bag!  Maybe with a little note that says, "You've Got Mail"...cute right?!

More great ideas and tips on etiquette at this time of year in general for gift giving can be found here.  

I hope you are enjoying these!  I will continue on with more 
ideas tomorrow...and please comment away and add your own favorites!!

G'night friends!!

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  1. As a former teacher, I would've loved any of those gifts!


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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