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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life of a Big Brother...Not for the Faint of Heart

We had Ethan's parent-teacher conference today.
He is a stellar student.
Reading and comprehending at level S {end of 4th grade, he is in 1st|.
He has the gift of gab.
He is a perfectionist and wants to do well.   
{the part that breaks my heart!}

Of course we are so proud of him.  
It's always good when there's nothing too surprising, 
but the best part was  the journals we got to peek into today.

Oh how the six-year-old brain works!!

Thanks E for the laughs!  Here are the funniest ones...

{Story 1: My Family Book}
spelled exactly as he did

My Mom and Dad play basketball.
I do karate.
My brother Aiden is curios.  
My brother Beckham can climb.
My brother Laim always says my name.
My brother Griffin is lazy.
{picture of Griffin sitting on the sofa with a bubble "just one more minit?!"}

{Story 2: The Day My Brother Liam Cracked His Head Open}
My brother Liam fell  off the treehouse and cracked his head open. 
Then my dad brang him in my house and put an ice pack on him. 
The next day my brother felt all better.

Best thing about this story..
me: "Um, E this never happened."  E's "treehouse" was off limits all summer.
E: "I know, we CAN write FICTION mom."
me: "Well maybe we should stick to things that really happened if they are about someone getting hurt."
E: "OK."
E leaves room.  
Matt: "This story should have been called the day the police came to our house and dragged daddy away."

{Story 3: Making Connections from a story to your life}
Judy Moody's brother Stink is annoying.
What's the connection to your life?
My brother Beckham is annoying.

Thing is he tells it like it is.  I wish I had read these before the conference ;)  Funny thing, when asked if he would trade his brothers in his reply is always, "Not for the world, I love them!"  

Just had to share this too....
{My favorite pin of the day}

Hilarious right?!  Love those 1940s tidbits of advice!!
This is actually pretty clever!  Except we never tuck our shirts in.
My how times have changed...wonder what they'll be saying about us in 70 years!...

Hope we've given you some laughs today!


  1. I just love getting insights into kids' thoughts and I adore Ethan's attitude towards those little brothers. Thanks for sharing those stories...and Matt's commentary. Hilarious! :)

  2. Love these stories!! And that pin???? Off to pin it asap!

  3. I love that picture! Funny stories!


  4. Still laughing here... I love a glimpse at the workings of young minds. The pin is just TOO funny. I imagine that tip must have worked every time! But I bet those boys kept friends away from their homes on wash day if their mother's hung the wash out to dry.

  5. I love Ethan's cute! It is fun to look back at. I still have a poem that I wrote called Messy Bethy. It is about how messy Beth was and how annoyed I got sharing a room with her :)


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