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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A {Wonder*filled} Update

Hello lovely friends!!

How is everyone handling the time change?
Weather changes?
Being greeted with Christmas signs everywhere even though 
as my oldest points out, "um, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!"

I just hope we are not all burnt-out on Christmas when it arrives,
that would be the tragedy!

So, I have neglected our poor little blog this past week!
I did not intend to make it a week, nor do I think 
anyone minds too much, but these little boys are sure changing!

Naptime is now butt-naked playtime.
Independence if off the charts.
And this mom needs a caffeine IV!

So hang in there with me as I keep up!  
See, they have no idea that mom is much more stubborn
and full of willpower {except when it comes to sugar lately}.

In the meantime I am working on a few fun projects I hope to share relatively soon along with E's gameroom/playroom before a Christmas tree is added to it!
I am also working on a post for next week's mother*wonder Monday, it has a bit more guts to it, so I have to give it the proper time!  

This past weekend, we brought my grandparents over to visit. 
One word - JOY.  
For us and for them.

They loved visiting.  I so wish they lived closer.
I love this lady so much, she has given me so much.
I am so blessed to be her granddaughter.
And thankful that while so many members of my family are gone
she is still here for me.  Selfish it may be, but I love that she has
been able to meet all of my children and be a Godmother to Liam.

Grandma Marion has sass galore, the heart of a saint, endless wit and wisdom, she is just a treasure.  There are years and years between us but she knows my heart so well and I am always amazed at how similarly we see things.
She is full of the dickens {and I mean that in the most respectful way possible!}

I know having had one girl, five boys were a lot to take in, but
she was so sweet, and they all love their Grandma Marion.
Just think, between one end of the bench and the other, 91 years...

you'll notice the clapping, not because E won, but because it was a stalemate!! 
too funny!

Good ol' Grandpa Jack, God love him.  He got down near the floor to play with the boys in their kitchen.  He tried to create order, have them take turns, and then he gave up when the mutiny began!  

Neither of them complain when they could go on for days with how they must really feel.  People just are not made with this strength anymore.  I love for my boys to see their example...humility.

Telling some more stories here.  That's my Grandpa.
We would go to the mall and lose him talking to people he didn't know.
A true salesman.  As stubborn as they come.  
He has the gift of gab and making friends with everyone.
He has proudly served in the NAVY and still is part of the Knight of Columbus.

He used to tell us tall tales.  Save milk cartons to build with, and pull out the little red rocking chair every time we visited.  

They never missed a game or a concert.
They showed up for me.
I am just so thankful that my children have been able to meet
two of the most beautiful people I have had the honor of having in my life.

They are everything a girl could ever want in a grandparent.

Love them a million bushels and pecks.



  1. awww I love it! My grandparents live on the other end of the east coast from us! Fortunately we are able to see them 1-2 times a year and the kids love it! Your grandpa sounds like my father in law... always in conversation with someone he doesn't know and everyone he does know!

    Precious moments!


  2. how sweet! glad they are a big part of your and your family's life :)

    my grandpa is 97 and still lives on his own and my nieces and nephews see him just about once a week for church :)

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of fun and you've been one busy mama. BTW thanks for the comment I always wish the last time I saw my dad was more memorable as well. The last time i saw him I my boyfriend now husband was moving a couch for him ans it was the first time he met him and we were there for like 10 minutes I just didn't know there wouldn't be more time. Looking forward to your next post sounds like it will be a good one

  4. This post just warms the heart!

  5. So sweet. Love this post and what a sweet memory it is for your family. My Grandpa used to pull me up on his lap and sing me the bushel and a peck song. Still warms my heart when I hear it!


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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