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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Circus Fun!

We had such a great Halloween!!!
What made it even more fun is that this year the little guys
actually went to a few doors to trick-or-treat with E
happily showing them the proper how-to.

They also ate, sneaked, and swapped candy {kit-kats} for the first time.  

We encountered a very creepy house, smoke coming out the door with a man dressed as a demon or something gross, the boys were not amused.  Aiden growled back at him, tough clown that he was! 
Disclaimer: Just want to say if you're going to dress to scare the crap out of kids,put up a sign or something? Had no idea that was about to answer the door! Yes I should expect at least 1 house like that, and of course it was our luck to trick-or-treat there.  I digress... 

E loved handing out Halloween candy.  

And then there are the moments when you're just proud of your kids
for being good kids.

E said at one house that was decorated really cool, "I love how your house looks!"
He agreed to play part of ringmaster with a little nudge.  He made sure to tell his friends who came by that he had another costume {clever}, but he really was good to change out and be part of the circus for awhile.  

Pictures these days are always actions shots.  
Group photos will happen again, maybe next year!

I was going to caption each photo, but I think they speak for themselves!! 
{thanks to Tia 'Rene and Grandma Helen for celebrating with us!}

1.  Ringmaster: Ethan's Christmas shirt from last year, cape and hat from magician costume, 2 Halloweens ago.
2. Clown: Ethan's 2nd Christmas blazer and plaid pants.  I added suspenders, a flower, hat, and made Aiden the scarves prop out of fabric squares tied together.  I also made a big bow tie out of red/white striped fabric.  
3.  Evel Kneivel: Ethan's old helmet, red pants and shirt from Wal-Mart embellished with felt starts and some really awesome blue striped fabric from my superhero collection which I used for his cape too.
4. Strong Man: A woman's XS tank top on clearance at Old Navy, loved the vintage look, sewed it together at the bottom to create leg holes.  Turned striped socks into leg warmers.  Barbells from dowel rod and styrofoam balls all painted black.
5.  Lion Tamer: Target sweater and pants, hula hoop embellished with fabric, Liam's beloved little lion.  
The hardest part about the costumes was just getting all the pieces collected really.  It was great to repurpose and reuse and save money we didn't have in the first place to spend on costumes!  


{The Loot & More Fun}

Love seeing all the Halloween costumes and photos in blogland today!
And now mild panic attack that Christmas is less than 2 months away!
Yes, Thanksgiving is first, so onward all things grateful and Turkey!!



  1. they turned out so cute! I love those pants and blazer for the clown costume! Mine decided to be Star Wars people last minute plus an added Iron Man.


  2. awesome costumes!! your boys are darling :)

    glad halloween was such a success AND so much fun for everyone!


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