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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pasta Anatomy: Dem Bones

I pinned this craft awhile back from my good friend Martha.
{Maybe you know her too?}

I showed it to Ethan and he was loving it and asking about it, 
so tonight we finally got a chance!!
E loves science, and he totally enjoyed this project.

So here is another new friend joining us for this Halloween-ish week...

Mr. Funny Bones

{pardon the glue still drying!}

I gathered the different pasta shapes and aside
from the pasta, we just used elmer's glue and construction paper.

The pasta types we used were...

mini and regular size penne

I could not find dry alphabet soup noodles, so we skipped the labeling.
Not a big deal.  

We gave our skeleton a little bow tie.
{Didn't think of that Miss Martha did you?!}

He also really wanted the skeleton to have a leg and foot 
so we made up our own. 

We also looked at some anatomy pictures to learn while doing.  

Had to include this catchy tune!

I think we wore out this Scholastic Video when we rented
it from our library this summer!!
{it also has The Wheels on The Bus, the absolute fave}


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