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Sunday, October 30, 2011

For Halloween I am being a.....Procrastinator!!

The Procastinator...
I'll be back { about tomorrow?}

So maybe it's because Halloween is not my all-time-favorite holiday,
but this year I seem to be doing things a little last minute.
Not such a big deal, but thought I would share
some of the wealth of my procrastination!
How's that?!

If you've found yourself with some baking, cooking, final costume touches, treat bags, etc. to finish up, we can wrap things up together!  Or if you need a simple idea, well here you go!  

In enjoying fall and bringing out the fun {not gross} side of Halloween, 
we've made...

On the agenda for tomorrow from Family Fun...
It will smell so awesome I am sure!!

Have you been boo-ed yet?  Want to add some bling to your neighborhoods boo-ed party?  
Here is the Cutest Boo'd Printable  from TomKat Studios.
While we have been boo-ed we have not followed the rules too well, 
there's always Halloween night!
If any neighbors happen to be reading, pretend you've been hit with the memory zapping stick as in Men in Black or Monsters vs. Aliens ok?!

Creepy Halloween Treat Labels from design.wash.rinse.repeat.
They are awesome!  Totally were on my list, before the circus happened!
Instead I am just ahead of the game for next year right?!

And these Halloween Lunch Box Joke Notes from All For The Boys are going in E's Lunch tomorrow!  
I have made these every Halloween for several years now.
These are not mine though, because mine are waiting to be made!
I cheat and use box cake mix and tub frosting.  Sometimes you just 
have to take the shorter route.  Aren't they so cute?!

{Family Circle}

Finally, here are the treats we will be giving out as part of our Boo-ing!
I was going to make my own treat bags, but hey there were on sale for $3/12
at Jo-Ann.  They are so cute!  Maybe next year we will do the whole
apothecary jar/mad scientist theme?!

{Martha Stewart Treat Bags}

If you are looking for something similar, these printable goodie bags  from Oscar + Emma Designs are amazing!  Use iron on transfer sheets and drawstring goodie bags. 

Ok, so now I have to find a different costume, see we are no longer procrastinators!!

Happy Halloween my friends!

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