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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Masked Men

I couldn't pass up these adorable wooden masks from Jo-Ann.
Oh just wait we have more for the next holiday too!

They were 50 cents each on sale.
Just some coloring with markers and instant fun!

Can you guess who is behind each mask?!

Of course they wanted to hold the side they colored toward their faces,
which made it more goofy.  

Always a laugh to be had in this home!!!
Now go on a scare up some fun!!

Back to costume making!!



  1. how cute!!
    i can't wait to see their costumes!

  2. so cute... I'm guessing Ethan is Frankenstein, Beckham is the bat, Griffin is a pilgrim?, Liam is another pilgrim, and Aiden is a cat?

    Fun project!!!



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