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Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Ways to Eat An Apple...

Who says there is only 1 way to eat an apple?
I'll give you five adorable methods..

{one - the sweet as apple pie}
he'll bring the sugar 

{two - the pucker up}
he's sweet on them sour apples!

{three - the ninja assassin}
this apple didn't stand a chance!

{four - the apple with a side of cheese}
this face says it all...

{five - the roundabout}
the only real option when you're front chompers 
have gone a missin'!

Our Wonder*filled Week will be posted in the next day or two, but first I need to hit the hay {we saw lots of the stuff today!}.  It has been a LONG week. Ending tonight with the vacuum simultaneously breaking along with the rear window of our SUV.   Yep the latter was the one that hurt more than a bit.  The only vehicle that fits us all.  {ugh.}

So these pictures, of course the highlights of our day and what we choose to remember!!
It was also 80 degrees here and gorgeous {minus the swarms of bees}.  
We've picked apples in winter coats and now shorts, 
that's Chicago weather for ya!  
These sweet faces are all we need!!

Until soon,


  1. The 'Ninja Assassin' destroyed that apple! :) LOL!!!

  2. apple picking-a fun, classic Fall family outing :)


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