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Saturday, October 8, 2011

EEK! Halloween Decor.. {will take your arachnophobia to a whole new level!}

I am so not into the blood, gore, and guts of Halloween {yuck!!}
I am a wuss about scary movies.  
I just like making costumes for my boys, pumpkin cupcakes, chili, trick-or-treating, 
watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,
now that's my speed.  

I am so in trouble when my boys want to be scary, gross stuff.  

My Halloween decor is pretty limited, so I am excited to add this little project into the mix.
Especially since the Mr. is afraid of spiders.  I am not their biggest fan, but there is something
about finding that thing your husband would run's good knowledge {buahhahhahha!}.

{framed eek}
The eek is wrapped in yarn, 
like it was just spun by the creepy-crawly himself!!

{with black spiders}

{added in a few punches of color}

I like both versions...which one is your favorite?

I'll show you how to make it in a few simple steps.

You'll need:
a frame, you could use glossy black spray paint on an old frame
felt or plastic spiders
wooden letters
crafting glue

First take your wooden letter, wrap the yarn around starting at one end
{tie a knot on the backside of the letter}.  Keep going until your little
fingers want to give out or until you reach the end of the letter.
Dab a little glue to secure yarn end.  Do this with all letters.

I chose a white yarn with a little silver sparkly to glisten like a real spiderweb!

Tie a string to the top of the letter.

{love the fabric it's for another project, but I should have chosen one that
didn't distract so much, whoops!}

Grab your frame {spray painting an old frame in a glossy finish is a great idea!}
Use remaining yarn to make a spider web and secure with tape at ends.

Thread letters through the spiderweb and secure string to top of frame.
Hanging at different lengths adds some fun and dimension.

I reused the chalkboard background from the boys' second birthday
and drew on a few webs and spiders.  It will make a fun Halloween party backdrop!
Best thing, when all is said and done, just wipe off and reuse!

Another the eek...{couldn't resist!}

Linking up to Maggie's fab & fun everything Halloween party...

Now get your scare on!!



  1. too cute! I'm the same way about Halloween! And when it comes to scary movies I don't even like being in the house when hubby watches one!


  2. Love it Michelle! I would have never thought to wrap yarn around the wooden letters! So creative and cute!!!


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