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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Liam said sunshine mama no rainy with his perfect big ol' grin.
 It was probably the last absolutely gorgeous day we'll have in awhile, he was so right.

Beckham melted my heart every time he called me mommy in that sweet little voice of his.
 He's the only one to use mommy and I love it.

Griffin made me laugh and giggle at all of his silliness, expressions, phrases, dancing, all of it.
His personality is so emerging and it's awesome.

Aiden hugged me like he never wanted to let go, he just loves to cuddle and be close.

Ethan gave me that moment while doing homework, sitting there realizing this is my super smart kid who loves school, life, and learning.

Today was not perfect.  There were some timeouts, lots of frustrating moments,
but much greater was what I saw and heard today.

Glimpses of who my all of my boys will be.  The perfect piece each is of our seven.
Concern for one another.

Ethan making up a game to play while waiting for dinner.
The little boys looking out for one another...c'mon Beckham, c'mon Griffin.  Where's Liam? Hi Aiden! 

And glorious words, I cannot believe the sentences they are putting together,
and the connections they are making. I am humbled and amazed.

My favorite part of today was playing outside with all of their trucks, nothing better.

Thank you God for such a gorgeous day!

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