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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mish-Mosh and More

Hello sunshine{s}!  

It was a rough few weeks of stomach flu, 
yes this time it decided to take one down every couple days,
so generous!  A few of us older ones were spared, silver linings, always.

Last week everyone was back to normal again and
well, we wanted to take full advantage of all that is summer.

This is how I am feeling about summer coming to an end via
the start of school in a little over a week...

Every year I get anxious and sad for E to go back to school,
yet so excited for him because his excitement is contagious! 
I was relieved when out with a friend recently she said the same thing,
the anxious part, the changes, a little unsettling at first, the time of year.
I will admit, I am not jumping up and down with joy about
getting back into the schedule, it doesn't leave much time to 
wonder or wander or just be sometimes.  

This year though, I want to amplify the happy,
proud of all the amazing things we did this summer.
A dream-come-true trip to Disney still to come! 
And really just the simple fact we were explorers and adventurers!!!!

First, though I have to share this precious picture of Aiden
when he wasn't feeling well.  

Once everyone was feeling better we made these No Bake Energy Bites.  The recipe actually came from Auntie Kath all the way out in Colorado {grin} but I wanted to source it easily for you.  She sent it on for Liam to have a heart healthy treat.  Seriously, she's the best!  The boys, especially Liam, absolutely love them and we have made 4 or 5 batches since the first one at least...perfect summertime treat!  

And now I am hitting the publish button.  
If you can believe it all of the boys woke up for the majority of the night,
including Beckham who went to the ER around 2am
for what we thought was a possible broken foot from earlier in the day.  

Turns out he is just fine, more bruising than anything, but he would not walk on it.
The entire house was up, it's going to be a long day!!

More stories, fun, and photos to share, be back soon!
Happy Monday!
:: michelle ::


  1. I hate those up all nights! Glad to hear Beckham's foot will be ok. Yay for Disney! You guys will have just missed a special performance series by Jake and the Never Land Pirates band. We happened upon the performance during a trip to Disney's Downtown area. I think it ended this weekend though, however it was extremely hot! I'm not sure how people go around the park at this time of year with the heat as bad as it is, although I guess I've done my fair share of it as well growing up. Hope you all stay healthy long enough to enjoy your vacation!


  2. it sure sounds "fun" over in your neck of the woods!! glad B's foot isn't broken and you ALL are recovering from nasty germs!

    hope the last week or so of Summer is way more enjoyable for you guys :)


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