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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Hopefuls & Idea Roundup

Happy Friday!  
I hope today brings no more sick bellies or puking little guys,
who have still smiled through it all.  
No matter what we'll try and celebrate even if just a little because...

The Summer Olympics are finally {almost} here!
This makes me grin, really big.  The Bumbo Bobsled.  Hope it makes you smile too.  

While I feel like the Winter Olympics were just yesterday, this picture tells me
they were awhile ago, look how little these gold medalists are!  

I remember E and I made the Olympic rings out of plates and he made a torch too.
I recall using tinfoil and constructions paper, like this one, he loved it. 
We competed in a few homemade games, I am sure E won them all, 
in the sleep-deprived state we were in at the time.

I am excited, but I will admit that didn't come until pretty much just now.
I feel like you don't hear much about the Olympics and then BAM! you're
inundated and held captive by it for 2 weeks!  

I rounded up some fun and simple ideas for the kiddos.  

Lovin' this typography...

:: Play Along :: 
Create your own scorecards, especially awesome 
for gymnastics and diving.  You can make these however
your little heart desires.  

Or these to keep notes throughout the games,
they are fantastic right?!  They will also fit 
into a project life scrapbook {which I don't have but awesome idea}.

As featured here by, there are loads of awesome
Olympic games printables.  Fresh off our printer is this 
insanely cute board game and their opening ceremony bingo.  

:: Food ::
 I have to say, I think these are my favorite
from an Olympics themed party, so very clever and simple.  
I bet you have ice cream cones and popcorn in your pantry,
go on take a peek.  
{a small snippet}

:: Crafts ::
I mentioned Imagination Tree's Salt Dough Olympic Medals, 
as part of the Toddler Ten and they are on our list for tomorrow.  
Click the link below the picture for instructions.  
I promise you have what you will need. 

:: Research ::
I know E will want to visit the official Team USA  and London Olympic websites tomorrow,
if only to check out all of the sports especially the lesser known
canoe slalom and handball.  Who knew?!

Or visit London via one of these reads at your local bookstore?
I am sure most have an Olympics section setup. 

Or this duo from the Magic Treehouse Series.  


:: michelle ::

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