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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

**Testing** **Testing**

Hello dear friends!
Sometimes it's just better to explain....

Our little Liam had a CT scheduled for today, but after making the trek into the city,
all the coordination and prep work the test was disappointingly rescheduled.  

I could go into more detail, but we are wiped. 
It is still really important for us to find out more about his heart.
His amazing, renowned cardiologist wants this test very much too.
We have waited for 2 years for this moment.

Things always happen for a reason.
God protected Liam today.

I will be plugging along on the series soon.
It's been a kind of crazy start to the year, but we are good.

Thank you for the prayers!


  1. What a disappointment. You have had a heck of a start to the year. I pray that it slows down for you soon!

  2. That is so frustrating I am sorry about that. I hope that you can get your tests and results soon.


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