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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas {Part One}

Like that?! Christmas may just never be the same!!
We had such a beautiful Christmas and I wanted to share some of 
the highlights with you!!  Even waking up completely exhausted it's just 
a day you want to not end.  So much anticipation, planning, meaning,
and so many memories this year!

I love to tell a story in pictures,
and the best spot to begin?...

{Christmas Cookies}
Lots of little elves to help me out this year!  This year E helped with all of the cookies and everyone frosted and ate sugar cutout cookies, so yummy!!

{everyone wants in on the action!}

{mini peanut butter cup cookies, a fave}

{Christmas Eve}
A morning of baking, cooking, playing followed by 
the evening at my sister's home.  It was the first time since the 
little boys were born that we have left home at all during Christmas!
We have been on lockdown for 2 winters, pretty much staying away
from parties, crowds, gatherings, and keeping our preemie boys healthy.
It was tough, but so worth it!!

The first year we had just found out about Liam's heart condition and our little 2.9 lb guy was only about the size of a "regular" newborn at Christmastime, so it was the absolute best decision for us.  Last year we remained cautious and it paid off...preemie lungs need their time to develop!

I had some help in the kitchen... 

{E and Liam mixing up Jesus' birthday cake}

{Reindeer Food prep, oats + glitter}

Then I seriously baked for our Christmas Day from about 9am to just shy of 3pm, less than an hour before we had to head out.  I can't believe how much time I used to spend getting ready, those days are long gone! 

What I loved this year {mental note here} was making a breakfast casserole, quiche, and mini banana bundt cakes for the next morning.  I made some extra bundt cakes and another quiche for a friend to help brighten their Christmas a bit...isn't that what it's all about anyway?  It was super simple to pop the casserole and quiche in the oven while we were opening gifts Christmas morning!

I had not intended to leave everything until that morning, but it worked out well...time + money sometimes you just cant' plan around those things!

 {snow covered mini banana bundt cakes}

{opening extended family gifts}

{these rocked!...get it?!}

{Liam was about the same size as this guy}

We headed back home to get get ready for the big event!

{upstairs tree}

{tree in E's room,  next year the little guys will have one too!}

{a reading by big bro of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas}

{treats for Mr. Jolly himself and those hard-working reindeer!}

{scattering reindeer food!}

{cool, unintentional photo of outside lights}

{the children were nestled all snug in their beds}

{presents wrapped and ready to go}

{a sample of Santa's goodies}

Stay tuned for all the Christmas morning fun!!!

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  1. Your boys are so. stinking. CUTE! My little guy needs a little brother!


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