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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmastime {LOVE}...

Join me on a little trip through our week in pictures.
This is such an amazing time of year!
Yes, it's me promising I don't have much to say...
I know, crazy right?!

{our shepherd with the loose tooth}

{method acting, character acting? just smile!}

{loving the Christmas pageant stage}

{tooth officially lost during dinner}

{mommy cuddles after naptime}

{Aiden loving our musical snowglobe}

{first sugar cookie frosting for the little guys}

{Count Liamcula}

{Liam's first decorated cookie}

{Aiden + Griffin, me want cookies!}

{Aiden's sugar overload!}

{Beckham covered in icing..all or nothing baby!}

{more after nap cuddles...with big bro}

{practicing...he looks so old here!}

{free printable:  Jones Design Company}

{Little Christmas Concert}
{my beaming little performer, so much fun!}

Christmas Carols played by piano:
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Away In A Manger
Jingle Bells
Joy To The World

We will be wrapping things up here {literally!} and 
savoring our days together.  Wishing you wonder*filled moments
in these last couple days before Christmas!!


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