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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Child is Born, Celebrate!

Our advent calendar surprise today is...
We do this every year and sing "Happy Birthday" on Christmas. 
While I always want us to make an angel food cake
because it makes the most sense, 
we usually end up making something with chocolate,
which also goes by another name I will refrain from using {yikes}.
Admittedly we are chocolate lovers if you haven't seen enough proof by now!

Since I am not such a great cake baker, we stick to cupcakes,
but I do hope to make this one, isn't is so pretty?

As taken from The Worldless Book explained in the Squidoo link...
Each layer has a meaning {love it!}
chocolate reminds us we are sinful
red reminds us Jesus shed his blood for our sins
white reminds us that Jesus has given us a clean heart
green reminds us to grown in Christ
yellow decorations remind us of heaven
candles remind us Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD

My sister makes a jello poke cake every year like this one.

We do give gifts to Jesus, in this box on slips of paper.
The last couple years we slacked off...hmm...
I think at that point all we were wishing for was a 

We add something we are working on to better ourselves,
something we did for someone else in the spirit of Christmastime.
I am happy to get back to this beloved tradition this year.
The slips of paper are great to look back on.  

One of our all-time Christmas favorites is this set,
What God Wants for Christmas.

I picked ours up at our local Christian bookstore a few years ago.
We had a birthday party for Jesus before the little guys came along
with E and friends, and it was such a great activity.
All the boxes contain pieces of the nativity, 
but the most important piece is you!!
The last box holds a mirror and it is a sweet surprise and 
fantastic reminder for all ages.

And because we love a celebration, here are a few 
great things you can add to your decorations.
All are ready-to-print, just click the links below each.
{I always think it's great to comment or follow the blog in appreciation!}

The sweet duo from Lolly Jane, offers this free printable...

{Lolly Jane Boutique}

So glad Jennifer from Bella Grey Designs contacted me,
she has adorable {and free} printable cupcake toppers
and a Happy Birthday Jesus banner, just perfect!!

If you happen to have a Hobby Lobby near you, they have
always carried Happy Birthday Jesus paper goods and activities
like nativity ornaments, etc.  Love that!

So I am heading out to be pummeled by all those
carrying the Christmas Spirit {said with load of sarcasm!}

I will keep this in my heart though as I fight through it all
{pause for dramatic effect}.

Wish me luck!!  

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I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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