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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Choo-Choo Heaven

The weekend before the boys' birthday
we all went to celebrate
{yes, we only throw parties here...grin}
at the 

We went on the weekend
as opposed to the actual birthday,
so E could join in on the fun.

It was also sweet to take the 
quad contingency to 
a place we frequented with big brother.

The little boys were
so full of awe, 
it was so cool 
to see their reactions.

And the owners too.
We were their first set of quadruplets
at the restaurant, ever.
I always love how they start looking
for the camera crew...
{no you're not on candid camera,
hello aging reference}

There were trains EVERYWHERE!....

{on the ceiling}

{count how many trains you can spot in this picture}

{trains serving food}

The thought did cross my mind,
maybe we can recreate this at home?
Or at least build trains to do some of my work?!

My favorite spot
is probably this sweet little area at the front, 
all the buttons are labeled
{love that!}
and they make everything work,
from the carousel to the ferris wheel to the train,
a total homerun for the boys!

{my fave photo}

I believe there were enough trains 
to occupy our little crew,
now if we could just move in!  

The moment that brought it all home
for me, seeing 4 cupcakes on the train 
with candles and one for E
{sappy mama}.

I think everyone in the place was singing
their catchy little Happy Birthday song.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, go!
your children will L-O-V-E it!!!

FIVE stars from our FIVE!!

I want to mention that we can't always
afford to take our boys to fun places like these.
To make this happen, 
Matt and I didn't order, 
the little boys can split 2 meals.
Of course we tip super well
and try to clean up after ourselves.
Point being, there are sacrifices we all make
{small and big}
to give our children these moments!




  1. i have been there before too, you must be at their original location....

    (i wonder if we live in the same area/suburbs here in the chicago area...)

  2. Oh, wow - that looks like so much fun! My boys {hubby included} would adore a restaurant like that!

  3. You guys do the coolest things. That looks like a blast! We are boring! LOL!


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