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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Lunchbox Lightbulb!

In a few short weeks 
I will have a little guy heading to school for
a large portion of the day.

I have to admit this summer
I have not given much energy to lunchtime.
The boys eat usually healthy, 
lots of fruits, veggies, but just kind of 
getting it all on the plate so we can get back to playing.
Not much inspired or exciting.  
Picnics inside, picnics outside,
fun but not much planning or structure.
And I am a bit
unmotivated to get into 
the back-to-school routine.

Until...I found Jamie's blog.
{classic ah-ha lightbulb moment!}

Loads of healthy eating ideas, fun presentation, and 
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Blog of the Month for June!
My little astronaut-to-be would love this one!  

My goal will be to not set myself up for failure,
but to integrate even healthier and more homemade, fun lunch
options at least a few times a week.
Jamie has ideas for healthy lunchablesgranola bites, and more.
I know if I sent a lunch like this one with E,
he would just have an ear-to-ear grin, what?! Yes!

I am also on the hunt for a great lunch bag.
E has seen too many Pack-It commercials
{tell me we're not the only ones!}
this summer vacation.
{he seriously has an infomercial future}
So along with his new Garnet Hill backpack
I got for $9 on clearance last Spring
I will surprise him with one.
It's actually a really smart idea!

We also always seem to eat
a bento-style lunch,
lots of variety and stand-alone items, 
so I think E would love these...

{Pottery Barn Kids}
{whoa that's a lot of food!}

The reusable bags, sandwich, snack, etc.
are always great too. 
I hope to make a few, but 
there are some super cute ones
out there, like this one.

And just to contradict the healthy statement I made earlier.
For a special occasion, 
I plan to use these sweet cupcake holders.  

And add some fun straws

{where were these when I was a kid?!}

For me, I like to handwrite notes, 
poems, jokes, silly stuff, encouragement
for as long as I can get away with it {sigh}.

I'd love to hear, what are some of your favorite 
lunchbox  ideas?!  


1 comment:

  1. Lunches are the hardest! The job I look the least forward to when the kids start school again. I like the kids to have healthy things in their lunch (yep, I'm the mom who doesn't pack dessert or chips...such a mean mama!) so it takes some thinking and lots of pre planning. I love the small size ziploc containers for individual servings of fruit or cheese cubes. And of course, one staple are the homemade sandwich wraps that I make (they serve as a place mat for the yucky school lunch tables!) to send in their lunch. Hallmark had these really cute lunchbox love notes that I sent for awhile with the kids too. They were adorable.

    We still have a few weeks left of summer and now I am stressing out about making lunches. Thanks! :) Happy packing!


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