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Friday, August 5, 2011

Look Ma, Them There Is Quadroolets!!

Yes we have actually heard this before and it gets better
read on {grin}

I was out last night with my sweet friend Laura 
{infrequent, but treasured girl time}
 and told her about the reactions we get . 
My friends seriously cannot believe the things we've heard.  
See if you can.  

My skin has become thicker over the past couple years...
after being called Octomom, people telling me they are sorry for me,
and the worse that if they were me, they would have made a different choice,
and since this is my post I get to say,
I thank God it was us and we chose us. 

My favorite {insert sarcasm here} was when we were in a restaurant,
Well they look like normal people.  {what?}
Should we wear underwear on our heads or something?
Good gravy...ridiculousness I tell you.

The only time I am really ticked by it is when 
my older son understands, and people aren't so bright to realize it.
Being the protective bro he is...why are people mean to my brothers?
Now that is sad.    

All-in-all I am a reasonable person,
try to see other sides of things.
So believe me I get the curiosity.  
I just don't get the rude.

If there is one thing I can say about us, it's this...

Putting ourselves through college.
Paying for our wedding and honeymoon.
Buying our home {ok lots left to go on that one!}
Having a son with cancer
Finding our way through insane amounts of medical bills.
Giving birth to 4 preemie babies within minutes of each other.
Having 4 babies in the NICU for weeks.
Living though the first year of quadruplet life.

You see we've got this because 
God has us,
so it's nothing we've done,
it's all Him.  

So instead of being bothered by it
like today when a woman looked like if she 
got too close to me she may just end up having quadruplets herself...
relax, quadruplets are not contagious lady.  
We usually just try and see how long it is before we get
{first crazy comment of the day, just made that up thank you.}.  

On the flipside,
the side I'd like to focus on, the one that matters...
we see how all of our boys make people smile, big ear-to-ear grins.
The extra effort they give to acknowledge big brother.
These comments...
Seeing your boys made my day.
God Bless You.
How are they all so cute?
Wow they did so well!

And even the realistic,
I bet it's so hard now but oh how much fun you will have!  

We get a lot of those too and those far outweigh the rest.

even the ones with curly hair.
And Yes, that is the most awesome Big Brother
{who is talented in many other ways too}
that you will ever see!  
in our opinion anyhow.  

And while we may wish we had more time, more money, more xyz...
we couldn't wish for more love.
Seriously. Cheesy and all, but true.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my boys...
I realize I had not done that since I started 
Our Wonderfilled Life a couple months ago.

my loves
{in birth order, with photos full of their personality}


                               and his hunky daddy {ha!}

You can check out the Blog Beginnings button to see more
of their first year
but I write about it all here, my life as a whole,
and am happy to have you reading along!

I hope we brought some happy to your Friday!



  1. Well, frankly, I think you're amazing...I wonder why people would feel the need to be rude? Why should they even care? I just can't even imaging people expressing disapproval about a subject they know nothing about...what is wrong with some people??? Anyway...your boys are gorgeous - all 5 of them...are Aiden and Liam identical? You know that you have the exact family you were meant to have...and nobody's ridiculous remarks can change rock.

  2. I would love a house full of boys :)

    What beautiful blessings your have!

    God is great!

  3. We have a Liam too, he's the crazy one in our family! He thinks he can do whatever his big brothers do {and he's not even 1 1/2 yet}. Even though they don't all get along all the time, when they do I love to see their bond and love for one another, I can only imagine it between quads. And it sounds like big bro is just as happy to be the one to look out for them. Just think about the huge family get togethers when they have their own families, how fun it will be. That's one reason I'm excited to have a big family, even if they do exhaust me at this age! Some people just don't understand! I would still love to have multiples {I've always wanted them}. Just keep on what you're doing, as long as you're happy and you get it, who cares about others' remarks!


    ps. Our Liam has those same blue lazy lions pjs I've seen your boys wear in some of the pictures.

  4. Thank you awesome ladies!! ;) I felt so much better after getting that out! Aiden and Liam aren't identical, but they definitely look and act a lot alike!

    You girls are the best!!

  5. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the nice comments and for visiting our blog! I came over for a peek and LOVE your sweet family! My hubby is the oldest of 5 boys (no multiples) and it makes for a very fun family, lots of energy even now that they are all grown and married! I love your wonderfilled life! Thanks for sharing it with us. Janel at Seven Sisters

  6. I love this! Yay to you for embracing life with your 5 sweet boys. I would love to have 5 boys.

  7. they are so so sweet! absolutely adorable :)


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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