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Monday, May 30, 2011

You know you're a mom when... slice a chunk off the top of your finger peeling a cucumber {yes that's as exciting as my story gets}, and the only band-aids in the house look like this...

yep the lovable space ranger Buzz :)

My guys tended to me, E told me "mom you're going to be ok, we are here, we'll take care of you"...he got me an ice pack.  Matt brought me some neosporin, said band-aids, a kiss, then went to finish mealtime because of course the little guys have no clue mom is bleeding and cursing {in my head},
they just want more food!  
E then brought me a glass of water which he proceeded to drink himself :)  
It's the makings of a sitcom {for real}.  I am just glad that when I hurt myself there really isn't time to be in pain, and somehow I still manage to laugh.  

So tell me how your answer to you know you're a mom when...
{we've all got one, do share!}

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  1. You know you're a mom when you let your short people eat all of the pink Starburst and take the rejected yellow ones for yourself--and you're totally happy to do it!


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