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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animals on Parade

I bet you thought you were going to see a picture of my lil' animals parading around, didn't you? {wink}

I don't know about your little guys, but mine love wheels, love anything that rolls around and usually they are playing with vehicles {of all kinds}.  I love these as an alternative and they were just playing with them before naptime.  I ordered them from Happy Squash Toys when I was putting together the boys' nursery.  I remember sitting in my hospital bed, belly full of 4 little ones, and dreaming about them playing with these sweet toys, so it's so special to see it actually happen!  

I also love that they are made from wood and painted with a safe non-toxic paint.  You can find quite a few wooden toys on ETSY.  I also love PLAN toys and Melissa & Doug.  We have lots of Melissa and Doug puzzles, travel games, and pretend food.  I have come across some Waldorf magazines too with lots of ideas.  There are so many more options even in the past 5 years since E was born.  

While we have a mix of the good ol' standby plastic toys too, it's nice to have these as well, no bells, no whistles, just good old imaginary play.  

What is your child's favorite {natural} toy?

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