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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Brother's Keeper


It may have had something to do with staying up way to late to 
watch The Hunger Games last night,
but the idea of protecting one another
and the lengths we will go to do so has been on my mind today.

If you haven't seen the movie
{I think I was probably the last on the planet},
there is this underlying theme of protection.
Heck, the main character takes the place of her sister
in the ultimate battle for survival.

I have watched my little guys bicker like crazy,
so frustrated at one another, thankfully briefly,
but loudly and madly all the same.

Yet, I have witnessed this consistent way in which they
protect one another, all five, seat, toy, food, the most random
of things, they protect in their brother's name.

I'm not sure if I really noticed it much before today,
and it's not something I ever really explained to them how to do.
It just seemed to happen.

As a mom, I am going to try hard not to come between it.
It's so pure and honest.

Looking out for the one who is the first to read your life's story,
who has many of the same pages in their own,
is right, it is noble, sweet, and it is 
just what you do. 

Grateful my boys got that memo.

Good Night Friends,
:: michelle ::

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